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Mudi Zhu | EBS Master´s student

Studying in a foreign country is, above all, exciting. Many new impressions, foreign cultures and new people await you. Of course, you often have a lot of thoughts and questions beforehand.


Mudi comes from the impressive city of Shanghai in China. She chose EBS because of its extensive and attractive network in the manufacturing industry. She particularly appreciates the EBS spirit and challenge-based learning. Read here what brought her to a German university and how she experiences her time at EBS Universität.

11 questions we asked Mudi about her study experience at EBS Universität.

Well, I had a mechanical engineering background and one year work experience in the manufacture industry. During my work, I found I only have professional knowledge but lack of soft skills and methodology like management, strategic analysis or market observations. So, Germany has a long lasting reputation in manufacturing industry with top rate companies around world like Siemens, Bosch. Among the top 5  business schools in Germany, EBS is the only one who had a strong networking with these companies. For example, our professor Dr. Tobias Gutmann. These two points are my key reasons for me as I want to work on a management based position in that industry after graduation.

The first thing is the cultural differences. In this case, I have to take care of myself and independently living in a new country. The culture gap is there, I have language barrier and the living habits are totally different from my past 23 years. So I really want to know things that I can do, I can’t do, what should I prepare in advance etc.  


The most looking forward thing for me is the experience of how to overcome these worries. I’m pretty sure that I can handle them and from that, I can have a well understand of this country and its culture. Not from the internet or documentaries or a travel, but a real 2 years’ life spending here.

Well, private business schools usually charge an expensive tuition fee, so I was guessing the students who enroll in EBS their family might be rich. But it’s partly confirmed. Furthermore, since EBS is ranked as Top 5 business school in Germany and highly ranked in Europe as well, I thought ALL the students would facilitate a high level academic standard as well as overall personal qualities. For example, they are diverse and inclusive, they had a common sense of dress code to show respect etc. But obviously, it isn’t. There’s invisible bubbles among different ethnical background students. Some students wear T-shirt for a final presentation. I was quite disappointed at that moment.

When first search for EBS on the Chinese searching engine and social media platforms, I got limited information. (Google, Instagram, Facebook are not allowed to use in China where EBS is more active ) The only thing I can find is the location, which is in a quite unknown village but producing famous wine. I firstly applied for EBS was in late 2021 so the website hasn’t improved to current version. I hardly can find Chinese Alumni on the internet but later on, some of my peers approach me via RED, a Chinese social media platform similar to Pinterest. Also, before the semester begin, I received an email from EBS with a What’s App group chat QR code which also helped.

The first day at Uni officially is the introduction day. We were asked to do networking or get familiar with each other during the lunch time. I have no idea how to approach to others in case of being offensive. But now I felt better because this is EBS, everyone is feel free to approach the fellow students. Maybe just a glass of wine. ;)

In EBS, we study in a challenge-based setting, so we will work on the real cases for the companies. This motivated us to keep focusing on the latest information, what ‘s happening now and know how its influence is. And our case studies are likely to rehearse our career scenario in the future.

Time management, lack of basic business knowledge and skills, group work coordination. Now I’m somewhat confident to it.

I just live in Oestrich-Winkel because I don’t want to be annoyed by the unstable train strike. Then you can tell there’s literately no entertainment in this area, so I usually do groceries, cooking, maybe go to my friends place for an afternoon tea and sometimes traveling, exploring Germany.

Yes, I definitely would recommend my friends to EBS if they are interested in. One major reason is the networking culture as EBS Spirit. We are helping each other to get a joint effort instead of competing each other to see who the winner is.

From the knowledge side, I get a lot insights from the lecture and case study in business field. From skills side, I enhance Microsoft Office skills (especially how to make a professional slide), my presentation ability and cooperation skills.

I probably would stay in Europe for around 2 years, hopefully I can get a job here and travel around Europe. I planned to work as a product management in related field, combine my bachelor’s background and what I learned from EBS.


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