Follow your path to becoming a fully qualified lawyer with the EBS Law Programme

A full-fledged law degree combined with business administration – at EBS Law School, our law faculty. The professional demands on lawyers are increasing. It’s not just exam notes and expert knowledge that counts in a dynamic professional field: potential employers particularly pay attention to communication and negotiation skills. Also highly valued is the experience in foreign countries and business administration. This is exactly what is taught at EBS Universität.

At a glance

  • Degrees: First Legal Examination (previously: First State Examination) // Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) // optional: Master in Business (MA / MSc)
  • Focus: Business Law
  • Start: Spring and fall term
  • Study duration: 8 semester (full-time)
  • Achievable ECTS: 242 credits
  • Investment: 7,470 euros per semester
  • Language: German

Studying at EBS

  • Three academic degrees in less than five years
  • Unique, modern study concept
  • Small learning groups with individual support and coaching
  • Intensive, integrated exam preparation
  • Close cooperation with companies and law firms
  • Semester abroad at one of 90 partner universities worldwide
  • Studying in Germany with all the locational advantages of the Rhine-Main region


Deadlines for applications do not exist here. Every applicant gets an individual appointment for a personal application procedure.
This means: We look forward to receiving your application at any time!

To start your application, please submit the following documents or proofs to us:

  • High school-leaving certificate or the last two school reports an equivalent accredited foreign school-leaving certificate
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Language certificate for non-native speakers (very good knowledge of German required, level DSH 3 / TDN 5)


10 October 2022
Start of lectures in fall term

Good to know

  • The Examinatorium at EBS is an intensive preparation for the first state examination. It is included in the course of study and is a proven success: Hessen’s best law graduates come from EBS Universität for the third time in a row! Exam results: // Graduation with honour: 60.08 % // Average grade: 9.51 points

  • We can change an offered place to study into a reservation for the following year.

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The Study Programmme


Studying law is not easy. However, once you have completed it, various career paths will open up for you, and you will enjoy a high reputation as a lawyer. If you have the following qualities and skills, nothing will stand in your way of completing your law studies:

  • For your education, you should have diligence, perseverance and self-discipline. The First Law Examination (formerly First State Examination) will bring challenges even more than the law degree.
  • You will learn to work with legal norms, to understand and apply them. For this, you will need excellent linguistic, logical and structural understanding.
  • With a good feeling for language, the law gets more straightforward: you will read court judgments and write expert opinions. You will analyze and structure facts and put forward appropriate arguments.
  • After all, you should love life and people. Your task as a lawyer will be to avoid or arbitrate conflicts between people.

In the end, comprehensively educated lawyers are in demand, with a high level of social competence, negotiating strength and familiarity with business processes. At EBS Universität, we teach the legal trade and attach great importance to your personal development.
A unique feature of law studies at EBS Universität is the proportion of business studies. These will be part of your studies right from the start and enable you to work on an equal footing with business economists. It is particularly advantageous if your professional goal is, for example, to be in a large commercial law firm or a company.

Programme Structure


In our practical classes, we will impart all the competencies you’ll need for your vocational future as a lawyer. You can start your legal studies at the EBS Universität any time of the year, either in spring or fall. The standard period of study contains eight semesters.

The classical training to become a fully qualified lawyer consists of a university study with the concluding first legal examination, the subsequent legal clerkship and the second legal examination at the end.

After passing the second legal examination, you are a fully qualified lawyer and can make full use of all the professional possibilities - e.g. as a public prosecutor or judge. The top priority of our law programme is the first legal examination, for which we prepare you intensively.

Course of studies

Programme structure of law studies at EBS Universität


If you decide to study law at EBS Universität, you can expect an excellent study programme with a very particular teaching concept.

The law course is divided into a total of eight semesters with a lecture period of 15 weeks each. The programme consists of a basic study period, the main study period, a stay abroad and a major study period. The programme begins in the fall or spring term of each year. After just three years, you will earn your first professional qualification with the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). Besides, you will have the opportunity to acquire an additional business management qualification.

In the seventh semester, you will prepare intensively for the first legal examination, which can be taken after the eighth semester as a so-called free shot (§ 21 Abs.1 JAG Hessen). During the preparation for the exam, you will benefit from the integrated one-year examinatorium. Here you participate in exam preparation courses to achieve your personal top grade. This increases your chance of receiving graduation with honor, which qualifies you for the highest-paid positions. During semester breaks, you will complete internships in Germany or abroad, taking three months in total. The integrated business administration contents can be concluded with a Master in Business (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.Sc.).

What to expect in the law programme at EBS Universität

  • You’ll study law using the latest methods: The didactic concept at EBS Universität is almost unique in Germany. Lectures and subjects are grouped in 5-week blocks and taught one after another, rather than in parallel. This way you can intensively deal with a subject area and immerse yourself deeply in the matter. At the end of each block, you will have an examination. The advantage: you will learn in a structured way, keep it in your memory for a long time and get continuous feedback every five weeks.

  • Very intensive support: small groups, high practical relevance, competence training, individual coaching - we support you the best way possible!

  • You will receive three academic degrees in less than five years. The highest priority has the first legal examination, for which we prepare you in the best way possible. After only three years, you will already receive an attractive Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from us, enabling you to start your professional career directly. You can also choose to continue with a Master of Arts (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.Sc.) at EBS Universität, which will increase your chances of receiving exclusive job offers after graduation.

  • We foster your personal development: logic, ethics, and philosophy play an important role in many of your lectures. In social projects, and during your engagement in the student clubs, you will increase your awareness of the social responsibility of executives, and learn to look beyond your nose.

  • You learn more than just law: We will help you to develop your linguistic and intercultural skills. Additionally, we teach you soft skills in courses like Presentations, self-and time management, team building, application training and negotiation training.

Student Life

Student life on campus

Life on EBS campus is diverse, international and characterised by the outstanding commitment of our students. Due to the small number of students per intake and group, students know each other on campus and experience a family atmosphere that is noticeable beyond the lectures. Our students’ sense of togetherness is extraordinary. The unique EBSpirit is born of our values of commitment, solidarity, thirst for knowledge and reliability. The common goal is to achieve great things, time and time again. And it works: with self-organised congresses, cultural events and much more.

Your study location – Living and learning in Wiesbaden

The Hessian state capital Wiesbaden is located in the heart of the Rhine-Main area and is an important economic and cultural center. Numerous parks and historic old buildings characterise the cityscape. Besides, Wiesbaden impresses with its wide range of cultural and leisure activities. Wiesbaden, along with Mainz, Darmstadt, and Frankfurt, is one of the core cities of the Rhine-Main region, which is one of the largest and economically strongest metropolitan regions in Europe. Numerous prominent companies and law firms have their headquarters in the Rhine-Main area.

The Wiesbaden campus, the “Atrium” building, is central near Wiesbaden’s main train station. Modern lecture halls, a well-equipped library, and an inner courtyard that invites you to study and relax are what make the former office building so charming.

Student services at EBS

Your study experience and success is important to us. To make it easier for you to start your studies and to guide you optimally through the study programme, we offer personal support and various services:

Job Opportunities


It’s no coincidence that many graduates of EBS Universität are now working in executive positions. An extensive network of over 10,000 alumni is available to support you during and after your studies. More than 200 corporate partners support and accompany students on their way at the EBS Universität. These include many well-known Dax corporations, as well as national and international business law offices. With their help, we combine theory and practice in an ideal ratio.

We will prepare you for an ambitious career. The orientation of our training profile is a competent business lawyer. The most attractive employers, inland and abroad, trust in the outstanding competencies of our lawyers. Do you want to work in a leading international law office? Or do you see yourself as a lawyer in an organization such as the UNO or the European Union? Is it the right way for you to join the civil service as a judge or public prosecutor? No matter what you are heading for in the field of law: All doors are open to graduates of the EBS Universität.

A graduation with honors is the dream of every future lawyer - because it opens the door to major international law firms or the civil service, for example, to the judicial office. At EBS Universität, around 60 % of graduates receive graduation with honors, giving them a chance to obtain the most advantageous positions. Thanks to excellent study conditions, excellent preparation and a modern teaching concept.



The law course at EBS Universität trains executives who shape and push the economy. This process begins with selecting the best personalities for our study programme.


To start your application, please submit the following documents to us:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Your last two school reports: You have to present your school leaving certificate or an equivalent recognized foreign school leaving certificate at the latest at the time of enrolment
  • Excellent knowledge of German. If your native language is not German, please submit proof of profound knowledge of German at the level DSH 3 / TDN 5

Please send us your documents using our online procedure. We will check your documents immediately. If you meet our requirements, we will invite you to an individual meeting.


Studying law is highly in demand. It is mainly due to the excellent career opportunities. For this reason, many universities use a numerus clausus as an admission restriction. We believe that a capable lawyer needs more than just good grades. What counts for us is your personal qualification. To determine it, we rely on our individual selection procedure. If you meet our suitability criteria, we look forward to receiving your application and meeting you in your admission test.


As part of our multi-stage application process, we examine the performance and study ability of each applicant. We take the utmost care in this process since we only accept the most suitable applicants.

Due to the current extraordinary situation, we have changed our admission process to a contactless, digital version. You can now pass all components (written and oral) online.

  • PART 1: Personality test
    When choosing your studies, it is essential to put your interests, abilities and qualities at the focus of your considerations and reflect on them. This test is designed to help you personally determine your suitability for studying business administration at EBS Universität. It will also help you to realize whether your chosen study programme suits you and meets your expectations. The test takes about 20 minutes.

  • PART 2: Knowledge test
    The written part lasts about 30 minutes and will test your mathematical and logical-analytical skills, as well as your problem-solving skills. The written test is also dedicated to the cognitive and behavioral requirements required to complete your studies.

  • PART 3: Individual selection interview
    Based on the results of your self-assessment test, we conduct a 30-minute individual interview. We test your motivation and social skills. The decisive factors are performance and learning motivation, the social-communicative profile, the willingness to take social responsibility and the applicant’s initiative.

  • PART 4: Final counselling interview
    In a concluding discussion with you, we define expectations and clarify your studies’ last details and questions. Based on the test results, you will receive feedback on where you can improve to get the best possible output of the programme.

Such a selection procedure is exhausting and exciting at the same time. We know this and relieve our applicants by communicating the results as quickly as possible. By doing so, it provides planning security – for all parties involved.
If you are accepted, we are excited to welcome you to our campus at the beginning of the semester. You find the dates in the overview at the top of the page.

Tuition Fees


The quality of teaching is our focus: EBS Universität represents one of the best management programmes in the German-speaking world. As a private university, we finance ourselves mainly from tuition fees.

  • Initial Payment: 1,980 euros
  • Tuition fee per semester: 7,470 euros

Total: 61,740 euros

  • Tuition fee Master in Business (MA) per semester: 5,550 euros
  • Tuition fee Master of Science (MSc) per semester: 7,950 euros

We want to make the law programme accessible for any excellent applicant – independent of their economic situation. Decisive factors are your performance, motivation and personality. The choice of financing options for a study programme is diverse, and often a combination of the various options can be helpful. Please look at our scholarships and student finance options to determine which offer suits you best.

Programme Benefits


At EBS Universität, you won’t experience an ordinary law programme. We set high standards to train executives and ambitious top performers.

  • Multiple awards: EBS Universität regularly reaches top positions in university rankings (e.g. 10th place for law studies in WirtschaftsWoche: Hochschulranking, 2019).

  • Excellent examination results and a high chance of obtaining a degree with honours: Hesse’s best law graduates come from EBS Universität for the third time in a row. Graduation with honours: 60.08 % // Average grade: 9.51 points (results 2020)

  • Easier access to the Legal Profession: We arrange internships and contacts in companies such as Accenture, BCG, Latham & Watkins LP, Linklaters, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Clifford Chance, White & Case and others.

  • Very intensive support: small groups, high practical relevance, competence training, individual coaching - we support you the best we can!

  • You will gain international experience at some of the **best universities in the world**: during the integrated semester abroad, you will be at one of our partner universities. There you will get to know new legal systems, improve your skills in foreign languages and enhance your intercultural competencies.


EBS stands out in particular because of its excellent programme. As a student at EBS Law School, I learned the basics of economics and my law studies and had an unforgettable time with my fellow students. The excellent knowledge of the professors and the support among fellow students make studying at EBS exceptional.

Lina Haj
Lina Haj
Law student

In addition to very committed professors and a convincing learning concept, EBS Universität is characterised by outstanding internal management. Students’ concerns are taken care of very quickly, which is not a matter of course. I am very grateful for that.

Nick Besier
Nick Besier
Law student

My studies at EBS had a lasting impact on me. It awakened the entrepreneurial spirit in me, and what I learned still accompanies me today at the interface of business and law. I am very grateful for that.

Benedikt M. Quarch
Dr. iur. Benedikt M. Quarch, M.A.
EBS alumnus // Co-Founder & Managing Director of RightNow Group // Forbes 30 under 30

The EBS supports us, especially with our career planning. Whether in our choice of internships or organising our semester abroad – we get the best support we could wish for. This is unparalleled.

Vida Malakooti
Vida Malakooti
EBS alumna // Junior Lawyer at Noerr

An excellent educational programme means outstanding results – and always with legal practice orientation.

Marcus Funke
Dr. Marcus C. Funke
Partner at Latham & Watkins

Dedicated professors, an informal learning environment, and a well thought out methodical/didactic concept provide the ideal conditions for success in the first law examination.

Ulrich Segna
Professor Dr. Ulrich Segna
Dean of EBS Law School