Law Studies at EBS Universität

Law Studies

An innovative course of study with a conservative goal: success. Studying law at EBS Universität for business and law. The professional demands on lawyers are rising. In addition to very good exam results, there is more that matters in a dynamic profession than just professional qualifications: Potential employers pay particular attention to communication and negotiation skills, as well as international and business experience. Which is exactly what is taught at EBS Universität.

At a glance

  • Degrees: First Legal Examination (previously: First State Examination) // Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) // optional: Master in Business (MA / MSc)
  • Focus: Business Law
  • Start: Fall and spring term
  • Study duration: 8 semester (full time)
  • Achievable ECTS: 242 credits
  • Investment: 61,045 euro
  • Language: German


  • Three academic degrees in less than five years
  • Unique, modern study concept
  • Integrated semester abroad
  • Individual coaching
  • Small learning groups
  • Intensive, integral examination preparation
  • Close cooperation with prestigious law firms and companies

For the third time in a row, Hesse’s best law graduates come from EBS Universität!

Exam results:
- Graduation with honours: 63,29 %
- Average score: 9.6 points

Further information about the graduation with honours


Information events:
· Discover Law
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· Education fairs

Open Day:

Start of fall term 2020:
Mid-October 2020

Start of spring term 2021:
Early April 2021

13 February 2020
4 April 2020
25 June 2020
3 December 2020

Selection Process

Since we have an ongoing admission procedure, we recommend to apply early in order to ensure a study place in time.

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Your personal contact
Siri Pommer
Student Recruitment Manager Law Studies
+49 611 7102 1589
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Top 25 performing universities in student mobility

2019 Top Performers

No. 6 in business administration // No. 8 in law

University Ranking 2019

Top tier in 2/4 categories

University Ranking 2017 - Law Universities in Germany

Accreditations and partner

The study programmme

You study at one of the top business schools worldwide: EBS Universität scores top spots in university rankings regularly.

You study law with the latest methods: The didactic concept at EBS Universität is almost unique in Germany. Lectures in the subject and topic areas are combined in 5-week blocks and are taught consecutively rather than in parallel. You have the opportunity to intensively deal with a subject area and to immerse yourself deeply in the subject matter. At the end of each block, there is an examination performance. Advantage: You learn in a structured way, anchor what you have learned in your memory for the long term and receive continuous performance feedback every five weeks.

You get three degrees in less than five years: The top priority of studying is the First Examination in Law (previously: First State Examination), for which we prepare you intensively. With the Bachelor of Law (LLB) you obtain an attractive degree after only three years. You can then opt for a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MSc) at EBS Universität.

You meet economists at eye level: a special feature is the economic study portions at EBS Universität; these are part of your studies from the very beginning. This allows you to earn a Master in Business for Legal Professionals (MA) in one additional semester or a Master (MSc) in Finance, Management, Real Estate or Automotive Management at EBS Universität in just one year.

You gain practical knowledge with real added value: During your studies, you benefit from our network of highly attractive business partners. The intensive involvement of well-known law firms and companies in teaching ensures that you are in close contact with the practice and build your own network from the first semester on.

You benefit from high quality of learning: With small study groups and intensive support, we offer you assistance for an optimal preparation for the examinations with top results.

You will collect international experience at some of the best universities worldwide: During the integrated semester abroad at one of about 90 partner universities you will get to know new legal systems, deepen your knowledge of foreign languages and broaden your intercultural competences.

You will receive active study and career support: The most attractive employers in Germany and abroad rely on the skills of our excellently qualified lawyers. We regularly bring you and your future employer together at lectures, workshops and recruiting events. Individual career advice and coaching will show you opportunities and possibilities for your professional career.

Programme structure

Excellent, profound and thoughtful. - The EBS Universität prepares you intensively for the First Examination in Law (formerly 1st State Exam) and offers the possibility of an integrated additional qualification in business (MA or MSc). Whether as an attorney, judge or prosecutor, in companies, authorities and organisations: for graduates of the EBS Universität all doors are open.

The classical training to become a fully qualified lawyer consists of a university degree with the completing first legal examination (formerly first state examination), the subsequent legal clerkship and the second legal examination at the end. Only after passing the second legal examination are you qualified as a lawyer to make full use of all professional possibilities of a lawyer, e.g. as a public prosecutor or judge. The top priority of our Law Studies programme is the first legal examination, for which we prepare you intensively.

The Law Studies programme at EBS Universität is divided into semesters with a lecture period of 15 weeks each. The periods are divided into basic studies, advanced studies, study abroad and special studies. The programme begins yearly in fall and spring term. After just three years, you will earn your first professional qualification with the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). In addition, you will have the opportunity to acquire an additional business management qualification.

In the seventh semester, the intensive preparation for the first legal examination (former state examination) starts, which can be taken after the eighth semester as a so-called Freischuss (§ 21 Abs.1 JAG Hessen). During the examination preparation you will benefit from the integrated one-year Examinatorium – examination preparation courses to achieve your personal best result. This increases your chance of taking a graduation with honours - and thus of taking the most highly remunerated positions. During the semester break, you will complete internships (which you can also complete abroad) with a total duration of three months. In addition, the integrated business studies can be completed with a Master in Business (MA) or a Master of Science (MSc).

Don’t lose any time, start your studies in spring.

With the second study start in spring, we offer you maximum flexibility. The second start is also an excellent opportunity for lateral entrants to transfer from another law faculty to EBS Universität.

Didactic concept: Modern learning methods for the best results

The lectures are structured, visualised and interactive. The lectures are followed up and deepened in working groups. In self-study groups you will prepare the coming lectures.

Another special feature of Law Studies programme at EBS Universität is the sequencing of lectures. Lectures in a specific subject area are grouped into blocks of five weeks each. They take place consecutively and conclude directly with a performance certificate.

According to the latest findings of modern university didactics, this special study structure enables students to engage more intensively with a subject or subject area. In this way, what has been learned is anchored in the long-term memory and better examination results will be achieved. There are no concentrated examination phases at the end of each semester, which reduces the examination load for the students. The competence-oriented examination performance also ensures continuous performance feedback.

You can look forward to modern teaching and learning methods, excellent lecturers from science and practice as well as the special promotion of your competences. We actively support you in ensuring that you pass your examinations with top results.

More about the didactic concept

Subject blocks

  • Civil law, public law, criminal law
    The focus of the studies is the imparting of excellent legal knowledge and skills. The core curriculum consists of the subjects civil law, public law and criminal law.

    These contents are constantly repeated and deepened in the study programme, thus consolidating the knowledge. This is done on the one hand by integrating courses into the curriculum to repeat and deepen what has been learned. On the other hand, the last academic year serves exclusively to prepare students for their examinations: During this year, students attend lectures, examination courses and trial examinations that prepare them intensively for the state compulsory subject examination. It is no longer necessary to attend a private revision course.

  • International
    All students spend a compulsory semester at one of around 90 partner universities abroad. Here you will improve your knowledge of foreign languages, expand your intercultural competence and acquire the ability to make comparative legal references to foreign law. In addition, you can also complete one or both parts of the obligatory elective internship abroad.

  • Practice
    During their studies, all students complete three internships with a total duration of three months during the semester breaks. The practical study periods provide our students with an insight into legal and administrative practice as well as the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge to real cases. The first part of the internship is compulsory and takes place at a local or regional court. You can complete your elective internship e.g. in a law firm or the legal department of a company.

    In addition, practical references are also produced in the courses. In particular, experienced lecturers from practice are employed in the main areas.

  • Focus area
    The first legal examination is divided into a (state) compulsory subject examination and a (university) special subject examination. 30 % of the final grade in the special field examination is included in the overall grade of the first legal examination. Major international law firms and commercial enterprises are looking for highly qualified junior lawyers who can demonstrate initial experience in business law. At EBS Universität, you can choose from a variety of areas of specialisation related to business law. EBS Universität is the first law faculty to offer a focus on digitalisation.

  • Universal studies
    In the areas of logic, ethics, philosophy and mediation, you will develop new perspectives and will receive thought-provoking impulses to pursue other approaches and to fully understand the effects of your own actions. In addition, soft skills – such as rhetoric, conversation, presentation and negotiation techniques – are encouraged.

  • Business
    Due to the close cooperation with the EBS Business School faculty, you will receive a comprehensive additional qualification in business administration. You will learn to understand economic interrelationships and to include them in your legal work. The unique combination of law and economics represents an asset for your further professional career.

Your support is important to us

At EBS Universität you can expect not only excellent teaching and an intensive learning atmosphere, but also an extensive range of services. We want you to achieve an optimal academic result and to start your professional life with excellent career opportunities. Therefore we support you in…


Top students are welcome - Your way to us
Studying at EBS makes considerable demands on your linguistic knowledge, your logical and analytical thinking skills, your learning abilities and motivation as well as your personality. Whether you are admitted as a student at EBS Universität depends on a successful selection process.

Your requirements

To be admitted to the admissions process at EBS Universität, please submit the following documents to us:

Please submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Your last two school reports: Your school leaving certificate or an equivalent recognised foreign school leaving certificate must be presented at the latest at the time of enrolment
  • Required for the semester abroad – can be submitted by the beginning of the second academic year: Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent). Our EBS Language Center offers a preparation course for the TOEFL IBT and the completion of the TOEFL ITP
  • Very good knowledge of German. If your native language is not German, please submit proof of very good knowledge of German at the level DSH 3 / TDN 5

If all requirements are fulfilled after a detailed evaluation, you will receive an invitation to an individual selection interview.

Recognising potentials - the selection process

As part of our selection process, we examine your ability to perform and study. We want you to successfully complete your studies. For this reason, only the most suitable applicants in a given year will be accepted at the end of the process. For this, we take our time and take the greatest possible care.

  • Personality test
    When choosing your studies, it is important to put your interests, abilities and qualities at the focus of your considerations and to reflect on them. This test is designed to help you personally assess your suitability for studying business administration at EBS Universität and to help you better assess whether your chosen study programme suits you and meets your expectations. The test takes about 20 minutes and can be taken online.

  • Knowledge test
    The written part lasts about 30 minutes and takes place on a date of your choice on the campus of EBS Universität. Here your mathematical and logical-analytical skills, as well as your problem-solving skills, will be tested. The written test is also dedicated to the cognitive and behavioural requirements required for successful completion of your studies.

  • Individual selection interview
    Based on the results of your self-assessment test, we conduct a 30-minute individual interview. We test your motivation and social skills. The decisive factors are performance and learning motivation, the social-communicative profile, the willingness to take social responsibility and the applicant’s own initiative.

  • Final counselling interview
    In a concluding discussion with you, final details and questions about your studies will be clarified and expectations defined. On the basis of the test results, we will also give you a recommendation as to which points you might need to work on more intensively in order to complete your studies at EBS Universität in the best possible way.

The decision

Such a selection procedure is exhausting and exciting at the same time. We know this and relieve our applicants by communicating the results as quickly as possible. This provides early planning security – for all parties involved.

A study place offer can also be converted into a study place reservation for the following year upon application.

EBS Law Camp – It pays to be quick

Be one of the first candidates and reserve a place for the exclusive EBS Law Camp supported by Gleiss Lutz. The EBS Law Camp takes place in the autumn of each year and provides the opportunity to get a first insight into the legal world for three days.


  • Negotiation workshop at the large international law firm Gleiss Lutz with top-class lawyers from practice
  • Visit of exciting trials (including technical preparation and follow-up)
  • Guided city tour through Wiesbaden
  • Sports and team building event

Submit your application on time and be one of the first registered students of the new intake and use the opportunity to collect valuable practical experience.

Tuition Fees

First-class education in a private institution

The quality of teaching is our focus: EBS Universität represents one of the best management programmes throughout the German-speaking world. As a private university, we finance ourselves to a large extent from tuition fees.

  • Tuition fee per Semester: 7,470 euro
  • One-time enrolment fee: 690 euro
  • One-time examination fee (LLB): 595 euro
  • Tuition fees per Semester for the Master in Business (MA): 5,550 euro
  • Tuition fees per Semester for the Master of Science (MSc): 7,950 euro

Total: 61,045 euro (in a duration of 8 semesters, without the master programme)

Motivation and performance are your drive

We try to make it possible for excellent applicants - to get access to our studies - regardless of their economic situation. Decisive factors are your performance, motivation and personality. The choice of financing options for a study programme is diverse and often a combination of the various options can be useful. Take a look at our scholarships and student finance options and find out which offer suits you best.

We will be happy to advise you. Please contact us!


TOP PREPARATION - dedicated professors, an informal learning environment and a well thought out methodical/didactic concept provide the ideal conditions for success in the first law examination.

Markus Ogorek
Professor Dr. Markus Ogorek
President of EBS Universität

IDEAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT - small groups, intensive support and highly motivated fellow students - the learning environment couldn’t be better.

Benedikt M. Quarch
Benedikt Quarch
EBS Alumnus // Doctoral Candidate EBS Law School // Founder, Managing Partner & Head of Legal Operations, Geld-fü

OPTIMAL SUPPORT - the EBS supports us, especially with our individual career planning. Whether in our choice of internships or organising our semester abroad - we get the best support we could wish for. This is really unparalled.

Vida Malakooti
Vida Malakooti
Law student, 2014 intake

OUTSTANDING RESULTS - excellent educational programme means outstanding results - and always with legal practice orientation.

Marcus Funke
Dr. Marcus C. Funke
Partner at Latham & Watkins


The EBS Law Camp offers early applicants unique insights and opportunities to get to know EBS University and its many advantages at an early stage.