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Graduation with Honours - what?!

A graduation with honours is a dream of every lawyer - because it opens the door to major international law firms or the civil service, for example, to the office of judge. At EBS Universität, around 60 per cent of all graduates pass the graduation with honours. But what is that anyway? At what grade do you get a predicate? And does everyone get that?

Law studies are completed with the First Legal Examination (previously: First State Examination) and are the prerequisite for practising fully legal professions in Germany. The First State Examination in Law is divided into the Universitary Focus Area Examination and the State Compulsory Subject Examination. The overall grade consists of 30 percent of the University Focus Area Examination and 70 percent of the State Compulsory Subject Examination.

In this First Legal Examination, graduates can obtain a so-called graduation with honours - an exceptionally good degree among lawyers. Only 33 percent of graduates in Germany achieve this grade in the first state examination. At EBS Universität, the rate is almost twice as high, with around 60 per cent. Since career prospects are based on the grades of the state exams, a degree with a predicate is a door opener for the demanding job market. In a nutshell: the predicate graduate can freely choose his or her employer.

How do you get the predicate? At first glance, the scale of marks awarded to lawyers is similar to the 0 to 15 points at school, but ranges from 0 to 18 points, because with the grade fully satisfactory there are three points between satisfactory and good. In contrast to the school, the upward scale of the lawyers’ scores is not exhausted. From 9 points onwards, one has reached the overall rating and is thus one of the best graduates of his year.

Scale of grades

  • 14 - 18 points: very good
  • 11.5 - 13.99 points: good
  • 9 - 11,49 points: fully satisfactory
  • 6.50 - 8.99 points: satisfactory
  • 4.00 - 6.49 points: sufficient
  • 1.50 - 3.99 points: inadequate
  • 0 - 1.49 points: insufficient

The mark very good (from 14 points onwoards) is almost never reached. Only two to five percent of all graduates achieve this mark. In the past three years, five graduates in the state of Hesse earned a very good - four came from EBS Universität. In addition, EBS Universität ranked the best graduates in Hesse for three consecutive years. Since all exam candidates in the federal states write the same exams, which are provided centrally by the respective judicial examination office, the performance of the graduates of the various universities can be directly compared.

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