Headergrafik - Didaktisches Konzept des Jurastudiums

The didactic concept

Better learning for better results

The structure of the Law Studies programme at EBS Universität will change in fall term 2020. With this, the semester will be changed from a trimester to a semester period and the sequence of lectures will follow a new didactic concept.

Lecture sequencing forms the core of the new structure. The individual subject area lectures are grouped into blocks consisting of five weeks each. They take place consecutively, with an examination directly concluding each block. A total of five lecture blocks are planned for civil law, three lecture blocks for public law and two lecture blocks for criminal law. In addition, there will be one lecture block each for the topics Business, International and courses for revision and in-depth study and two blocks as an integral part of the specialisation course. A semester abroad and an internship are also included.

According to the latest findings of university didactics, this study structure enables students to engage more intensively with a subject area. In this way, what has been learned is anchored in their long-term memory and this will lead to better examination results. Concentrated examination phases at the end of each semester are no longer necessary, which means that the examination load of the students is better distributed over the course of study. The regular examination results also ensure continuous performance feedback.

The advantages at a glance

  • Intensive learning
    Sequencing leads to five weeks of intensive and focused study of a subject or subject area. This allows you to deal with the respective subject area more intensively than in non-sequenced courses of study and to spend less time on repetition and preparation.

  • Regular performance feedback
    Due to the regular examinations at the end of each block, you receive performance feedback in shorter intervals and always know your current status. Regular examinations also lead to continuous learning.

  • Reduced examination pressure
    By redistributing the examination performance over the entire semester, intensive and overloaded examination phases at the end of a semester are eliminated. In this way, the examination load is evenly distributed and you gain valuable examination practice right from the beginning.

Siri Pommer
Student Recruitment Manager
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