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Wealth Management for Wealth Owners

Substantial amounts of wealth come with increased responsibilities. But many individuals that are in the situation of ownership for significant amounts of private wealth feel insecure or insufficiently knowledgeable about the concepts and language in finance and wealth management. And they don’t want to rely solely on external advice. Wealth owners want to be able to feel fully in ownership and control over their wealth, to interact confidently and comfortably with finance and wealth management professionals, as well as (potential) investees, and last but not least to ultimately allocate their capital in line with their own needs and desires, including their wishes regarding impact and sustainable investing.

To address this desire, practical training on wealth management and finance tailored to the specific needs of wealth owners, EBS Executive School provides an independent university platform. It offers the Wealth Management for Wealth Owners programme. This globally unique programme likes to empower wealth owners by providing practical training on finance and wealth management fundamentals to engage with their wealth confidently. Ultimately, the programme supports responsible wealth owners to make better investment decisions, to feel more comfortable with those decisions, speak about them with advisors and other investors, and achieve better results.

Programme characteristics

The programme focuses on key concepts of wealth management to guarantee sustainable results:

  • Addresses the needs of wealth owners explicitly and provides practical training on finance and wealth management fundamentals that will enable wealth owners to deploy their wealth confidently.
  • The only programme globally that is open exclusively for wealth owners, on the topic of applied foundations in finance and wealth management, in a protected and conflict of interest-free university environment (strictly non-solicitation).
  • Combines excellence in teaching and research that only a university provides, with the practical experience on the ground that only real-world private impact investors can understand and contribute.
  • Developed and runs in partnership with the critical networks in investing and private wealth globally with positive impact ingrained.

Target group

To ensure a trusted, non-pitch environment of like-minded peers, the programme is open only to wealth owners. Participants enter through the communities from The ImPact, toniic, CSP, EBS, and direct conversations.


The Wealth Management for Wealth Owners programme lasts three and a half days.

  • Programme Opening and Evening Get-together: Wednesday, 29 September 2021
  • Lectures: Thursday, 30 September 2021 to Saturday, 2 October 2021

The programme dates are aligned to allow for a direct continuation with the Impact Investing for the Next Generation programme of the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at the University of Zurich and the Initiative of Responsible Investment (IRI) at Harvard Kennedy School.

Falko Paetzold Quadrat
Assistant Professor for Social Finance