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Bachelor, in General Management, Bachelor in General Management (International Business Studies), Bachelor in General Management (Aviation Studies)

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Master in Automotive Management, Master in Finance, Master in Management, Master in Real Estate

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Erste juristische Prüfung, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Master in Business (MA)

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Master in Business Studies: MSc and MBA

Master (MSc)
The Master degree programme in the Business Studies faculty at EBS is a consecutive Master that can be completed either directly following on a Bachelor's degree or after a short period of work experience.

Work experience is not an admission requirement for a Master's degree programme, but a Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS. Successful completion of a consecutive Master's programme leads to the academic degree Master of Science (MSc).

EBS is offering the following Master's programmes:

Master in Business Administration (MBA)
In contrast to the Master's degree programmes, the MBA programme (Master of Business Administration) is intended for young professionals and managers with a minimum of 3 respectively 5 years of professional experience (depending on the programme) and who hold a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification in any discipline.

The MBA programmes are specifically geared towards professionals and managers who for their future career in international management positions require not only a sound understanding of business and management issues but also leadership know-how and the requisite set of soft skills.

EBS currently offers the following MBA programmes:

In addition to the consecutive Master's and MBA programmes we also offer the Master in Business Innovation (MA). This programme aims at young professionals and managers with a minimum of 2 years work experience and who hold a Bachelor's degree in any dicipline.