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Bachelor in General Management (Aviation Studies)

The Bachelor in General Management, study track Aviation Studies comprises 6 semesters, including at least one semester spent at an EBS partner university abroad (with a focus on Aviation Management). Successful completion of the programme leads to the academic degree Bachelor of Science (BSc).

The programme is tailored towards the specific demands of the aviation industry and the particular aspects of this promising growth sector. It is an academically challenging, high quality course with a strong focus on gaining practical experience and intercultural competence from an air transport perspective.

During the 6 semesters students acquire 210 ECTS credits for courses attended both at EBS and the partner university abroad, and for the 10-week work placements. Worth a total of 210 ECTS credits earned in three years, the intensive programme has set the benchmark with students gaining knowledge otherwise acquired in seven semesters in just six semesters. This high credit rating reflects the intensity of the programme and requires a high level of dedication and motivation.

Why Aviation Studies?

The airline industry has been growing steadily for years – increased global networking will continue to promote sustainable growth:

  • It is estimated that air passenger numbers worldwide will rise by an average annual rate of 4% over the next 20 years.
  • Cargo traffic is expected to display an even higher growth rate (>5%).
  • Past experience has shown that the aviation industry recovers rapidly from crises and emerges stronger than before.
  • Increased global networking and international production facilities positively impact the air transport industry.
  • There is strong growth potential in Asia and the Middle East.

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  • EQUIS accredited
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