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Bachelor, in General Management, Bachelor in General Management (International Business Studies), Bachelor in General Management (Aviation Studies)

Bachelor-Studium: +49 611 7102 1574

Master in Automotive Management, Master in Finance, Master in Management, Master in Real Estate

Master-Studium: +49 611 7102 1594

Erste juristische Prüfung, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Master in Business (MA)

Jura-Studium: +49 611 7102 1589

Aviation Management Center

The Aviation Management Center (AMC) at EBS Business School addresses research topics in the field of Aviation Management. It concentrates all EBS activities related to the aviation sector. The AMC is particularly characterized by its close combination of theory and practice.

The AMC offers a wide range of research activities and services with respect to the Aviation Industry. The research outcome is furthermore directly implemented into the AMC's teaching activities. Thus, it offers an academic Bachelor's programme BSc in General Management (Aviation Studies) as well as a multitude of different education and training services.

The AMC is organized in four domains:

  • Aviation and Innovation (at the SIIE)
  • Aviation and Security (at the SIIE)
  • Aviation and Supply Chain Management (at the SMI)
  • Aviation and Strategy



Further activities include:

  • The AMC offers a Bachelor programme in „General Management (Aviation Studies)“ (BSc).
  • In a Lecture Series „Aviation Management“, the AMC enables close exchange and interaction between research and praxis.
  • A wide range of books, articels and papers about the latest findings in aviation research is published on a regular basis.


Professor Dr Ronald Gleich (