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Roland Mattmüller

Professor Dr. Roland Mattmüller
Lehrstuhl für Strategic Marketing

Direktor Market Management Institute (MMI)

Phone: +49 611 7102 1481
Fax: +49 611 7102 10 1481

Prof. Dr. Roland Mattmüller holds the Chair for Strategic Marketing.

His major fields of research are Strategic Marketing, Retail and Services Marketing. Besides various activities in the field of international education and executive education, he is a lecturer and consultant for national and international institutions. Furthermore, he is the speaker of the Board of the Institute for Marketing Management and Research at EBS, Professor for Marketing at the Sino-German college at the Tongji University in Shanghai as well as a member of various juries and committees.



Process-oriented Marketing, Business Field Strategies, Retail Marketing, Ingredient Branding, Services Marketing; professional education and training