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In the research field Urban Concepts, we deal with the city as a space which is constantly changing, requiring new ways of living and working together. For the first time in the history of humanity, more than half the global population now lives in cities. We have taken this dynamic structural change as an opportunity to rethink urban concepts: to ask questions and to develop, to put dealing with these concepts to the test, to convey corresponding methods and to call upon all involved to consider how we can confront the future of cities with a multidisciplinary approach. The real estate industry is enormously important for a city’s ontology. How can we integrate new strategies and implement interdisciplinary approaches to create cities worth living in? What influence do megatrends have on the development of cities and neighbourhoods? We consider these questions in connection with the possibilities offered by digitisation and the long-term development of the real estate major future trends (e.g. sustainability, mobility, new work). Housing and urban economic topics are currently experiencing a considerable upswing in university research and teaching - also thanks to ever better data availability. The insights gained are the basis for making decisions in real estate management, as they scientifically substantiate the necessary assumptions regarding framework parameters. The interdisciplinary research field Urban Concepts therefore deals with a multitude of research fields from the impact of demographic development, stronger regulation of housing markets to changing economic and political framework conditions.


  • The focal research objective of Urban Concepts is to gain insights for the real estate industry by examining current trends and issues using sophisticated methodology.
  • A doctoral student is currently doing her doctorate in the field of Urban Concepts.
  • A research project with a partner university and practice partners starting in 2020 (see research projects).


The professors of the Competence Centre offer courses in Bachelor (BSc Real Estate Economics), Master (MSc Advanced Real Estate Economics), Executive Education and PhD programmes. The aim is to convey the macroeconomic and interdisciplinary interrelationships in the real estate economic context.