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Preparation Semester

For applicants who have a degree in another field of study other than Business Administration, e.g. Computer Science, Political Science, Law or Engineering, EBS Universität offers a preparatory semester which teaches the business administration knowledge required for the Master programme.

Markus Herzger
Business Development Manager Master and MBA Programmes
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Uncomplicated and fast: In just one semester you will gain the skills needed to complete a Business Administration Master Programme at the EBS Universität.

For a career in industry: After the preparatory semester you can continue your studies with one of our prestigious Master Programmes in Management, Automotive Management, Finance or Real Estate.

Flexible: You can choose whether you wish to start your preparatory semester in Autumn or Spring.

Wide-ranging fundamental knowledge: The Preparation Semester includes the fields of Accounting & Control, Finance, Marketing & Strategy, Statistics & Econometrics and Mathematical Economics


After successfully completing my Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management, I came to the conclusion that I needed a deeper understanding of business contexts in order to achieve my career goals. During my search for the ideal study programme, I quickly realized that there was nothing comparable to the Preparation Semester at EBS Universität. The semester has provided me with a comprehensive overview all kinds of business issues and prepared me in the best possible way. Regardless of what you have studied before, the Preparation Semester at EBS Universität prepares you perfectly for all Master programmes.

Andreas Weiske
Andreas Weiske
EBS alumnus // Senior Consultant, Colliers International
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U-Multirank 2019 Top Performers

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4 Palmes Of Excellence // Top business school with significant international influence

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Law with focus on business law and state examination or management with study abroad and double degree? EBS Universität, located in Wiesbaden and Rheingau, offers a wide range of opportunities and the best study environment. Find out more about the excellent offerings of EBS Universität and visit us on our Open Day!

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Programme Structure

Programme structure

  • Study duration: 1 Semester
  • Language: English
  • Start: Annually in Fall Term and Spring Term
  • ECTS: 30
  • Major Field of Study: Management

The preparatory semester offers you ideal preparation in all relevant fields of economics for a Master programme at the EBS. You learn the key basic knowledge for Business Administration and gain in-depth insight into economic interrelationships.


  • Accounting & Control
  • Finance, Marketing & Strategy
  • Statistics & Econometrics
  • Mathematical Economics

Studienprogrammübersicht - Vorbereitungssemester

Supporting you is important to us

EBS offers not only excellent teaching and an intensive learning atmosphere but also a wide range of services. We want you to achieve an optimal study result and start with excellent career opportunities in your professional life. Therefore, we support you in…


Requirements and Application

Identify potential - Your road to EBS
You have submitted your application for both a study place in our Master of Science Programme and for a place in the Preparation Semester. Given the fact that you have a bachelor degree, our Admissions Committee is currently verifying whether you are required to participate in a preparatory semester to be admitted to the Master Programme.

Admission requirements

To take part in the Master Selection Process, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Hold a Bachelor´s degree or equivalent with a minimum of 180 ECTs credits
    Accelerated Track: Hold a Bachelor´s degree or equivalent with a minimum of 210 ECTs credits and minimum one semester abroad
  • Have completed at least ten weeks of internships during or after your first degree
  • TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent (Training and test also at EBS possible)
  • valid GMAT, GRE or EBSgrad (Training and test also at EBS possible)

If all requirements are fulfilled after a detailed examination, you will receive an invitation to the EBS selection day.

The Master Selection Day

If your application documents meet our admission requirements, we will invite you to take part in the Master Selection Interview, which is held either on campus or via video conference.

The interview consists of a 50-minute verbal interview, during which your motivation, social competence and communication skills will be assessed.

Application Deadlines and Selection Days

Spring Term 2019:

  • Application Deadline
    · for non-EU applicants: 30.09.2018
    · for EU applicants: 05.12.2018
  • Selection Days:
    · 17.11.2018
    · 11.12.2018

Fall Term 2019:

  • Application Deadline
    · for non-EU applicants: 31.05.2019
    · for EU applicants: 31.07.2019
  • Selection Days:
    · 16.02.2019
    · 27.04.2019
    · 13.06.2019

The decision

The Master Selection Day is both demanding and exciting. We know that and ease the burden on our applicants by communicating the results as quickly as possible and, as a rule, promptly. That enables everyone involved to plan dependably at an early stage.

A study place offer can also be converted into a study place reservation for the following year upon application.

Investment and Financing

Investment and Financing

First-class education in a private institution

The quality of teaching is our focus: The EBS represents one of the best management trainings throughout the German-speaking world. As a private university we fund us to a great extent from tuition fees.

  • Tuition fees of 3,500 EUR per semester

Motivation and performance are your drive

We try to allow excellent candidates access to our studies, regardless of their economic situation. Decisive factors here are performance, motivation and personality. The selection of funding of studies is diverse and often a combination of the different options is useful. Take a look at our study finance overview and find out which offer best suits you.

  • Scholarships - financial and / or non-material support, no repayment, no interest

The EBS herself, but also independent foundations offer scholarships in different style and performance.

  • Education Fund - Financial and moral support, if necessary, repayment including interest rates, repayment starts only after graduation

The former club of the EBS EBS Alumni supports students of EBS through a separate education fund.

  • Financing - Financial support by financial institutions, repayment including interest rates, repayment generally starts after signing the contract

A traditional financing from banks or financial institutions may be a good option to finance studies completely or in parts. The KfW Student Loan or the financing model of the Nassauische Sparkasse, for example.

We are happy to help. Please contact us!



Markus Herzger
Markus Herzger, MA
Business Development Manager Master and MBA Programmes

Admissions process

Anja Brossmann
Anja Brossmann
Admissions Manager Master and MBA Programmes

Katherine Ronquillo
Katherine Ronquillo
Admissions Manager Master and MBA Programmes

Programme Management

Judith Bueser
Judith Büser
Programme Director Master Programmes

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