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The main shareholders of the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht are SRH Higher Education GmbH and the alumni association EBS Alumni e.V.

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SRH Higher Education

The non-profit organisation SRH Higher Education GmbH is the principal shareholder of the EBS Universität. Since July 2016, the EBS Universität has been part of the non-profit foundation SRH, a leading provider of education and health services, with headquarters in Heídelberg. The common purpose is to strengthen EBS Universität as an excellent educational institution and to further its strategic development, building on a foundation of independent research and teaching.

SRH Higher Education GmbH is a leading private sponsor with a total of ten universities in Berlin, Calw, Gera, Hamm, Heidelberg, Riedlingen, Wiesbaden und Asunción (Paraguay).

The academic programme includes over 100-degree courses. The universities are united in their desire to impart academic competence, pedagogic excellence, together with social skills and values. The aim of the SRH Higher Education GmbH is to provide future-oriented degree courses for young people, enabling them to achieve state-recognised diplomas and offering them outstanding career opportunities. With research and academic further education, SRH is contributing to the promotion of education and innovation in the economy and society.

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EBS Alumni e.V.

The alumni association has been a shareholder of the EBS Universität since June 2015. Currently, this independent association has over 3,400 members in more than 30 countries and is one of the most successful alumni networks in Europe. The association’s objective is to strengthen cooperation among former EBS students and to offer a platform for exchange. In addition, the association also supports students financially within the framework of their own study foundation. Furthermore, the association also supports student projects, organises internships and arranges information events. The association is actively involved in the ongoing strategic development of EBS Universität and lends support as a sparring partner.