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Real Estate Major Future Trends

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The first cities were built in 8,000 B.C. and since that time we can speak of a first real estate market with corresponding supply and demand. Throughout its long history, the real estate industry has been subject to numerous changes, challenges and subsequent adjustment requirements. Even in our time there are a number of long-term trends which, if they occur globally and make an impact over a period of several decades, are referred to as megatrends. Megatrends are changing the world - slowly, but fundamentally and in the long term. It is particularly interesting to examine how these long-term trends are influencing the real estate market and what challenges the real estate industry has to face in all its segments and facets, from developers, investors, financiers, planners to the authorities and, in essence, the user. Megatrends such as digitisation, urbanisation, sustainability, demographic change, mobility, new work, individualisation and connectivity, to name but a few, will change the world in which we live and thus also building space. How will we work and live in the future? What will the rooms and space in which we move look like? What demands are made on the development of real estate, of cities? How will processes and products in the real estate industry change? The challenge lies not only in deducing the consequences for the various areas of life such as living, working and logistics, but also in proactively shaping the transformation processes in order to maintain one’s own ability to act. Many successful companies have already developed instruments and methods to help them anticipate future changes and adapt their products, services and business models accordingly.


Together with our sponsors, we examine selected aspects of the impact of megatrends on the real estate sector. These range from changes in individual sectors (e.g. logistics, hotels) to comprehensive consideration and analysis of processes (digital transformation), which question, sort and reposition cooperation and value creation in the real estate industry on a global level. The focus here is on investigating the necessity and sense of adjustments in order to ultimately achieve optimised provision of services.


  • BSc-Module: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Real Estate
  • MSc-Module: Real Estate Development
  • Executive Education: Intensive Study Programme Real Estate Project Development