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Numerous structural trends are heralding a partly dramatic change in society. These changes will also have a considerable impact on the real estate industry. How will we live and work in the future? What will the rooms and space in which we move look like? And what processes and services are needed in the real estate business to create and maintain these new spaces in the future?

The challenge lies not only in deducing the consequences for the various areas of life such as living, working and entertainment, but also in proactively shaping the transformation processes and adopting an internal corporate perspective in order to maintain one’s own ability to act. Many successful companies have already developed instruments and methods to help them anticipate future changes and adapt their products, services and business models accordingly. Business management research, in particular innovation management, has made a significant contribution to this.


  • The “Innovation Barometer of the Real Estate Industry”, which we have launched, shows how transformation pressure on German real estate companies is changing. The key influencing factors are new technologies, changing customer requirements, increased regulations due to the legal environment and more difficult competition due to increasingly similar products. The Innovation Barometer is surveyed regularly in order to measure the need to adapt the respective sub-sectors of the real estate economy and, at the same time, to demonstrate the need for innovation.

  • In 2018, Susanne Hügel successfully completed her dissertation on: Innovation in Service Industries - An investigation of the internal and external organizational contexts from the laboratory of real estate.

  • Real IS AG has been supporting the research field of Innovation, entrepreneur- and leadership for many years, both in teaching and through the targeted support of doctoral students.

  • Furthermore, our study on the progress of the digital transformation in the real estate industry analyses the endogenous factors of the innovation environment in the real estate industry and compares the “digital preparedness” of professionals, students and companies.


  • BSc-Module: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Real Estate
  • MSc-Module: Real Estate Development
  • Executive Education: Inhouse Programme Real IS