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Strategy & Management Consulting // International Strategy

Term: 6. Semester

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. Jenny Kragl
Prof. Dr. Christian Landau

This elective module within the specialization “Strategy & Management Consulting” enables students to better understand and critically investigate how firms interact in an international context by providing two complementary scientific perspectives. From the viewpoint of management and economics, students study important topics in the field of international business and economics and thereby understand the strategic value of related decisions for the top-level governance of firms.

The course International Business focuses on the international dimension of strategy and organization theory and is thus concerned with multinational enterprises and the management of cross-border operations. The course International Economics introduces students to the theory of international trade. Topics include, for example, factor endowment and productivity, trade barriers, treaties, tariff systems, trade policies, international capital flows, international financial markets, and government policies. Practical examples and policy implications will be discussed.

Courses within this programme module:

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