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Strategic Information Management

Term: Fall Term

By participating in the course “Strategic Information Management”, students will understand what strategic management of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) is, and what current topics and relevant challenges in both areas are. Students will identify organisational implications caused through the megatrend of digitalisation and learn more about how sustainable business value can be created. Further, the course teaches students to apply important concepts, methods, and techniques to prepare them for a business-oriented management of IT organisations. The students will be able to identify main components of IT strategies in order to get a profound knowledge about the different areas of IT management and their role in creating value for the business. This course combines the IT-perspective with the management perspective, by focusing on fundamentals in project and project portfolio management in order to provide students with a profound understanding of the business IT world. Essential concepts of IT infrastructure and organisational applications will be covered as well as operating principles of IT organisations. Students will be familiarised with different methods for generating value in the IT world. During the class, students will be acquainted with a reference framework for strategic IT/IS management in order to learn more about the different decision domains required to be incorporated and aligned by IT strategy. Besides that, IT organisations will be looked at from an internal point of view, e. g. IT/IS controlling, sourcing and delivery of IT services, and IT and business strategy alignments.

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