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Operations & Supply Chain Management

Term: Fall Term

Companies operate within disaggregated supply chains which are linked horizontally and vertically. Understanding the way they interact and learning about the kind and degree of links between the partners in such a supply chain is essential to make companies successful within an ever changing world of global business. Issues from a theoretical point of view, decision making based on established methods to calculate operations, logistics and sourcing topics, and a rather practical oriented approach have to be considered in order to get an in-depth understanding of operations management, networks, and supply chains.

The integrated course “Operations & Supply Chain Management” combines both supply chain management and operations management issues. Students will be able to analyze supply chains from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective. After completion of the module students should be able to analyze operations supply chain strategy, to develop and implement and to apply operations & supply chain mangement tools and methods, to aline the gained data within those tools, to evaluate the impact of decisions within the supply chains for suppliers and customers, to know about management-specific goals related to operations and supply chain management tasks, to understand and to respect the impact of their own decision in a global context and to be aware of the high grade of complexity and dynamics involved in operations & supply chain management and the necessity of a carefully designed operations and supply chain management process.

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