Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Managing Corporate Performance

Term: 5. Semester

Module Owner:
Prof. Niels Dechow, PhD

1. Performance Measurement Concepts

The course will introduce to both traditional financial performance measurement tools (eg ROI) and modern tools such as Balanced Scorecard. Which role does management control play in the mobilisation of strategy, the design of organisation and the enrichment of social processes or intellectual capital? And how do management control tools work both in theory and practice? A short concept-paper will be developed in group work and submitted formally towards the end of the course, prior to the second and final session with the CFO of the case firm.

2. Performance Measurement Practice This course is structured around a practitioners view on the management development process his organisation went through when changing form – from subsidiary to an independently incorporated firm. This course is contingent on deliberate and active interaction, and students are expected to test and defend their theoretical knowledge against the real life case presented, in order to learn why and how the implementation of management tools and concepts is contingent on translation from theory to practice. The course lecturer will draw on theoretical elements of the 1st lecture, as relevant to the specific case presented.

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