Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Leading Yourself and Others

Term: Fall Term

Module Owner:
Dr. Abiola Sarnecki

After completion of the module, students will be knowledgeable in the theoretical and behavioral foundations of leading individuals, teams, and organizations. They will also be able to reflect on their leadership identities and begin to develop their own personal development plan on their journey to becoming effective leaders. There are multiple ways to define leadership, and people have different ideas about what makes an effective leader.

The course “Developing Yourself as a Leader” introduces students to leadership with the objective of developing leadership skills that can be transferred into practice. Topics include articulating and communicating your vision, motivating yourself and others, goal setting, effective decision making, difficult conversations - giving and receiving feedback, and resilience – how to overcome setbacks.

The key objective of the course “Leading People within Organizations” is to increase students’ understanding of the key traditional and contemporary theories and concepts of leadership and their application in organizational settings. This course also provides students with an overview of the key theories and concepts of organizational behavior from the leadership perspective. In so doing the course develops knowledge of the human side of managing business and the interaction between leaders and employees. Specific topics covered include theories of leadership and leadership styles, the link between power and leadership, managing teams, theories of motivation and their application in organizations, managing conflict, as well as leading organizational change. Students will also learn about the role of national culture in the application of leadership concepts in global organizations

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Antje Siehl
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