Headergrafik - Programm-Module


Term: 5. Semester

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. Myriam N. Bechtoldt


The course examines current thinking on leadership in organizations, discusses practical leadership issues such as teambuilding, communications, and conflict management, and provides an opportunity for the development and application of leadership skills. The course integrates the in-depth study of leadership theory and practice with special emphasis on development of leadership skills. In order to create real life leadership experiences, the class is set up as an organization with divisions and departments. Students participate in their roles as department members and/or leaders to maximize their learning and development as a leader. If possible, each student has the opportunity to be a leader.

Organizational Behaviour

Individuals spend most of their time in organizations - in schools, hobby clubs, various communities and, naturally, in workplaces. The course focuses on organizational behavior, i.e., the behavior of individuals within the specific environment of a business. The objective of the course is to provide the students with an understanding of the principles of human behavior, and of how and why individuals behave the way they do in organizations. In this respect various models and approaches to differential psychology, social and organizational psychology will be reviewed.

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