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International Management

Term: Spring Term

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Dr. Abiola Sarnecki

Globalization means that the world is becoming “smaller” - national economies are increasingly linked to each other and many organizations are global. It is therefore important that leaders understand the importance of international markets and the similarities and differences that exist among national economies and national business practices. In this module students develop a better understanding of the global environment in which today’s organizations operate. The course will focus on both the macro and micro aspects of international management.

In the Intercultural Competence course students develop the ability to see the world through different cultural perspectives. They develop a deeper understanding of their own culture and a deeper understanding and sensitivity to cultures other than their own. Students gain an understanding of cross-cultural management and will be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to lead across cultures successfully. One aspect of this learning concerns the ethical side of intercultural management. Is “When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” a good ethical guideline, whatever the Romans do? Or is there some other general rule to follow, and if so, which is it, and if not, what shall we do? In International Business and Trade students learn how to make business decisions in an international environment.

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