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Governance, Human Behaviour and the Law: An Introduction to Law and Economics

Term: 1. or 2. Semester

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. Jenny Kragl

The module introduces students to the fundamentals of law and economics. It is designed for students who are interested in understanding how legal rules and practices shape people’s decision-making and behaviour without requiring prior knowledge of specific legal fields or methods.

In the first course, students study five key areas of law from an economic perspective: property law, contract law, liability law, legal process, and criminal law.

In addition, the second course takes a behavioral perspective on law and economics by considering five key policy areas: environmental law, tax law, health law, legal process, and anti-discrimination law. Successful students will be able to develop analyses of the effects of different legal regimes and have an understanding of the behavioral impact of law.

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Jenny Kragl

Professor of Economics, esp. Microeconomics

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