Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Global Mergers & Acquisitions

Term: 1. Semester
ECTS: 10

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. iur. Tim Florstedt

M&A transactions are complex processes that require a wide range of knowledge and skills. This module uses the synergies between Law and Business School to provide students with a deeper understanding of M&A from a legal and business perspective. Participants will be prepared for the practical and theoretical challenges they may face in M&A transactions.

The module provides the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to understand all phases of a transaction. You will also learn to analyse complex legal and economic issues and to solve them in an interdisciplinary manner.

Included in:

Courses within this programme module:

  • Legal and Economic Basis for M&A
  • M&A Practicalities
  • Post Merger Integration and Restructuring Process
  • Legal Boundaries of M&A Transactions
  • Simulation of an M&A Deal