Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Global Mergers & Acquisitions

Term: 1. Semester
ECTS: 10

Module Owner:
Dr. iur. h.c. Christine Koziczinski , LL.M.

Based on interdisciplinary courses given by professors of the EBS Law School, EBS Business School and senior legal practitioners we want to introduce the students to the complexity of M&A transactions.

The module will focus not only on the legal but also on the business and financial aspects of M&A deals. The students will gain an in-depth understanding of the main drivers of M&A transactions in a variety of industries and scenarios. They will understand the different implications on the respective transaction process and its documentation. This includes -among others- aspects of post-merger integration and restructuring processes. The students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in case studies and a simulation of a M&A transaction.

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Courses within this programme module:

Michael Weller
Practice Professor of Banking Law, Capital Markets Law and International Business Law
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