Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Global Dispute Resolution

Term: 2. Semester
ECTS: 10

Qualified lawyers working in an international environment are expected to be able to handle litigation risks. This includes the ability to assess such risks and avoid disputes. For this to succeed, you will learn in this module how to draft jurisdiction clauses, arbitration agreements and the preparation of possible evidence taking proceedings of the other party, such as the US-American preliminary proceedings, and how to take the necessary steps to settle the dispute. The choice of the appropriate dispute resolution procedure is crucial for the latter.

You will learn about the various methods and possibilities, such as litigation before state courts, commercial arbitration before private arbitration tribunals and also preliminary dispute resolution procedures (mediation), in order to be able to make the best decision in practice.

Included in:

Courses within this programme module:

  • Global Litigation
  • Global Commercal Arbitration
  • Global Investor-State Dispute Resolution
  • Global Regulatory Disputes Seminar