Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Global Digitalization & Mobility

Term: 2. Semester
ECTS: 10

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. iur. Tim Florstedt

Global companies need Global Mobility: Goods produced in China are needed to produce a car in Germany; services provided by US companies facilitate production processes in France and South Africa. As the world develops into a “global village”, the law behind transport contracts is becoming increasingly important.

This module serves as an introduction to the world of Global Mobility. The global business expertise gained in the previous modules will help you understand global mobility issues and identify the functions and fundamentals of an area that is critical to global businesses. An introduction to supply chain management and design from an economic perspective will deepen your understanding of the relevance of global mobility.

Included in:

Courses within this programme module:

  • Trade and Transport Law
  • Supply Chain Design and Planning
  • Digitalisation - Regulatory Challenges of Technological Progress - Prof. Dr. iur. Tim Florstedt
  • Business Model Innovation in the Mobility Sector
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