Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Getting the Job Done

Term: Fall Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Ulrich Hommel, Ph.D.

The course covers key concepts and frameworks of business communication and project management. Business communication enables students to communicate effectively on their work, gain the support and approval of superiors as well as colleagues and project teams. They will understand how to operate a portfolio of communication channels that is relevant for a particular task.

Students will furthermore develop an in-depth understanding of how to set-up projects, how to track performance, how to manage execution problems, and how to lead projects with limited authority incl. involvement of all relevant stakeholders within the project ecosystem.

The course is highly practically-oriented as students work on a variety of case study assignments. The aim is to foster a general understanding and intuition of the frameworks and concepts covered in this course. They acquire the ability to organize their work as projects and communicate on set-up, progress, and outcomes.

Included in:

Antje Siehl
Programme Director Full-time MBA Management
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