Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Funding the Business Enterprise

Term: Fall Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Ulrich Hommel, Ph.D.

The module will enable students to develop a rigorous understanding of how corporate financing decisions and valuation/assessment of the various financing possibilities therein can impact company performance, capital budgeting, and solvency ratios.

Its purpose is to foster a general understanding and intuition of how corporate financing decisions are being derived in business decision-making and what tools are available to CFOs or finance managers to address these issues. The module will emphasize the following aspects:

  • State-of-the-art methods of valuing projects, investments, and companies and their implementation in Excel
  • Management of the capital structure (mix of financing instruments such as debt vs. equity, long-term vs. short-term debt, different currency denominations, and more eclectic forms (coins and tokens)
  • In the process, students get to know instruments, their market domains, and nuances, and their fit to meeting specific corporate financing challenges

Included in:

Antje Siehl
Programme Director Full-time MBA Management
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