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FinTech Innovation

Term: Fall Term

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Prof. Rasa Karapandza, PhD

FinTech innovation is the hottest topic in Financial Services and touches all aspects of industry transformation. Digitizing a financial institution or competing with established players requires an interdisciplinary approach. For FinTech entrepreneurs and investors to be capable of creating or evaluating innovative business models that can generate revenues they need to possess knowledge on 3 key areas: Finance (quantitative methods and behavioral finance), Technology (artificial intelligence, blockchain, API) and Regulation (MIFID2, PSD2, GRDP). In this course we will cover these key three areas and study their implications for FinTech founders and investors, established financial institutions and regulators. The course will cover with great detail Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, but also all the necessary technology, buzz words and math needed for in depth understanding of these new technologies like: Cryptography, RSA, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, Euler’s totient function… Course will also equip students with in-depth understanding of Machine Learning algorithms. Students that are enrolled in the course will also get exposed to some of the most successful Fintech founders in Europe, many of them being EBS alumni that will try to inspire students with their personal stories and experiences in creating billion dollars of value for themselves and their investors. More about FinTech

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