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Entrepreneurship & Start-up // Private Equity & Venture Capital

Term: 6. Semester

Module Owner:
Dr. Ralph Jakob, CFP, CEFP

In today’s world private equity has become a vastly more sizable and influential part of the global economic landscape. Not only institutional investors but also an increasing number of private investors are interested in private equity as an asset class with higher expected returns.

In this course students acquire the needed methodical and practical competences to work professionally in the field of private equity-investments. They gain a market overview, understand the investment process of private equity-funds and are able to identify the phases which are crucial regarding risk and return. They learn to critically examine selection criteria for funds and to make reasonable recommendations in a portfolio context. As a core skill they learn to analyze complex private equity concepts and how to comment on them regarding fiscal, financial and legal issues. The class will provide foundations in Private Equity and Venture Capital and in related fields of study, including Mezzanine Financing, Distressed Investing, Impact Investing, Crowd Funding, and other forms of corporate financing.

Participants will learn key structures, economic relationships and trends in these growing fields of Alternative Investments. The course will introduce quantitative methods specifically applied in these equity investments, such as the Equity Method, First Chicago Method, VC-Method, Staging, Over-Commitment, and others. Participants will understand key drivers of value creation and relevant success factors in order to reduce risk and enhance investment returns.

Courses within this programme module:

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Fundamentals
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Case Studies
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