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Programm Management

The team shapes, realizes, reviews, and adapts the programmes in cooperation with all relevant departments aiming to provide high quality study programmes which are in line with EBS vision and mission.

EBS Business School

Bachelor of Science Programmes

Tanja Schader
Tanja Schader, MBA

Director Faculty Administration

Anita Alami
Anita Alami

Programme Director Bachelor Programme

Master of Science // Master of Arts Programme

Bernhard Bachmann
Dr Bernhard Bachmann, MA, MBA, LL.M.

Director Master Programmes

MBA Programmes

Antje Siehl
Antje Siehl, M.A.

Programme Manager MBA Programmes

Max Mustermann
Brian Gibbs

Programme Director

Executive MBA Management

Administration EBS Business School

Ute Michler
Ute Michler

Programme Coordinator EBS Business School

Office for Doctoral Studies EBS Business School

EBS Law School

Law Studies

Kai Lorenz
Kai Lorenz

Programme Director Law Studies

Tanja Scharnhoop
Tanja Scharnhoop, Ass. iur.

Programme Coordinator

Law Studies

Christian Landau

Professor of Strategic Management

Acting Dean EBS Business School

Academic Director Master in Management

+49 611 7102 1490
Ulrich Segna

Holder of the Chair of Civil Law, Commercial & Business Law, Law of Non-Profit Organizations

Vice Dean Education EBS Law School

+49 611 7102 2242