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Online Marketing as a Career Opportunity: EBS Universität and Google provide exciting insights into the new digital professions

14 November 2016 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
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Last week, the Silicon valley internet service provider hosted a digital workshop on the EBS Business School campus in Oestrich-Winkel. Students, graduates and local businesses were invited to gain first-hand practical knowledge and to familiarise themselves with with state-of-the-art digital trends.

For three days, the EBS campus on the banks of the Rhine provided the arena for discussing cutting-edge issues such as online marketing, search engine optimization and effective online channels. The brightly-lit Google logo in the Kiep Center underpinned the aim of the event, to showcase new creative ways through the digital business jungle. Judging from an average of 120 registrations per workshop unit, this interactive approach struck a significant chord.

The internet has impacted our shopping habits enormously: online shops have long since become attractive showrooms, with online business just in Germany accounting for about 10 percent of total sales - with an upward trend. In other words, online marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies and, at the same time, opens up new job opportunities for young professionals. Alexej Habinski, global head of online marketing at the up-and coming “only online” start-up foodora, emphasises that this development is a chance, not a threat: “The idea of online marketing as a serious career opportunity is by no means new. Especially young people are empowered to assume responsibility at an early stage and to draw the right conclusions from their work,” says the online professional, a graduate of EBS.

However, although an increasing number of young people are interested in this field, there is still a lack of qualified professionals. Consequently, together with universities from all over Europe, Google would like to offer training in digital business to around two million Europeans, in order to best qualify them for the labour market. With the Center for Digital Transformation, EBS Universität is also taking an important step in this direction and is succeeding in interesting more and more students for this qualification. “Digitization changes the fundamental rules in economy and society. EBS Universität sees this as a mission, preparing its students in the best possible way for these changes, and at the same time giving them the tools the require to play an active role in future developments,” concludes Prof Arne Buchwald, scientifical director of the Center for Digital Transformation, who is responsible for the digital workshops at EBS Universität.

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