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Sensation in Law: EBS Universität reforms law study programmes

4 November 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Law students doing group work in the inner courtyard

Students learn in small groups.

Law studies are considered fusty, elitist and prosaic. As one of the first law faculties in Germany, EBS Law School is therefore fundamentally reforming its law studies for fall term 2020/21.

From then, the law study programme will be taught in thematically coordinated 5-week blocks at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. In each of these blocks, students work intensively in small learning groups on a specific subject or subject area. Subsequently, they take a competence-oriented examination tailored to the needs of legal practice and are thus given ongoing performance feedback.

Prof. Dr Markus Ogorek, University President: “Germany-wide, almost one in three law students breaks off their studies. This shows us that it is high time to radically rethink the way we study law at universities and to question traditional structures. With our new didactic concept and the accompanying sequencing of the course of studies into five-week blocks, we are unbundling the demanding studies, encouraging concentration on the essentials and remaining true to our promise of scientifically sound exam preparation. This transformation is a real sensation for legal training in Germany.”

“For the third time in succession, the best law graduate in the State of Hesse in 2018 came from EBS Universität. This proves that our training concept is paying off. Now we want to optimise it even further. Thanks to the new structure of our law studies, the students will be able to dedicate themselves to working without distraction and intensively on a clearly defined and limited subject area. In this way, we benefit from key findings from the cognitive sciences and using them for our legal education,” adds Prof. Emanuel V. Towfigh, Dean of EBS Law School.

The new study structure adopts elements of a methodological-didactic concept developed by SRH (the so-called CORE principle), which was recently awarded the Genius Loci Price for excellent teaching by the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany. EBS Universität has tailored this concept to the specific needs of university teaching and further developed it for the subject of law. This means that cumulative examination phases at the end of a semester belong to the past. In future, the examination load on students will be evenly distributed over the entire period of study. In this way, students gain examination routine, learn more consistently and with more motivation.

When preparing for the First Legal Examination (formerly the First State Examination), students also benefit from the integrated one-year Examinatorium to achieve the best personal grade. In addition, business studies are part of the EBS law course from the outset. This means that students who have completed their legal training can earn a Master’s degree in Business (MA) in just one additional semester or a Master’s degree in Science (MSc) at EBS Business School in just one year. Another special feature of Law Studies at EBS Universität is that, according to plan, all students spend a semester at one of the approximately 90 partner universities. The semester abroad is intended to give students an understanding of the cultural and historical influence of law and the opportunity to get to know a foreign legal system. The students not only improve their knowledge of foreign languages, but also acquire the ability to establish comparative legal connections, which also help them in the interpretation and application of German law.

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