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New article published in EFMD’s Global Focus Magazine

26 October 2017 | By:
Prof. Ulrich Hommel, neuer Beitrag in Global Focus

In a new article published in EFMD’s Global Focus Magazine, EBS Professor Ulrich Hommel and his research assistant, Ben Woods, argue that business schools should look beyond conventional risk management systems to the strategic build-up of organizational resilience.

The article, aimed at business school leaders, encourages readers to re-conceptualize risk management as an adaptive process. At the core of their argument is the idea that not all risks can be seen coming and, in an environment increasingly characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, & ambiguity (VUCA), resilience offers business schools the depth and flexibility required to survive and thrive. Drawing upon existing research, the authors propose a series of practical measures for affecting and enhancing resilience.

Professor Hommel and Ben Woods emphasize that a resilient approach is complementary to existing risk management techniques, and that together these practices mean that challenges can be navigated, managed, and absorbed.

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