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Congratulations to the best graduate of the General Management Programme of EBS Executive School in cohort 1

18 December 2020 | By:
GMP - JG 1 - Auszeichnung des Jahrgangsbesten

A straight A in all exams - congratulations to EBS continuing education student Walter T. Ernst, who, together with the 11 other participants in the first cohort of the new General Management Programme (GMP), shows that 2020 also releases energies and ambitious study goals can be achieved. The 2020 cohort of the GMP is a very special first cohort, because in the “corona cohort,” professors and students prove how they rise above themselves in a crisis.

For the master’s students, GMP is a mandatory module in the part-time academic degree. Almost all participants have either a master’s in wealth management or a master’s in real estate management as a major goal. This is also the case for Walter T. Ernst, Head of Private Banking and future member of the Executive Board at the Swiss branch of Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG, who, at the beginning of his studies in February, formulated his ideas about the part-time Master’s programme as follows: “The Master’s programme at EBS University immediately appealed to me because of its focus on Family Office. The study programme is unique in its kind and is ideally tailored to the consulting sector for high net worth individuals and medium-sized entrepreneurs.”

The challenge as a lifelong learner is to balance work, private life and studies. EBS student Ernst impressively demonstrates that this is possible even in the crisis year 2020 at Rheingau University. In the GMP, he passed all exam components with top marks: the written exam, in which questions on classic management topics had to be answered. The case study by EBS professors Niels Dechow and Markus Kreutzer. And finally, the business simulation game conducted in groups of three, in which each group fictitiously and at the same time very practically founds its own company over the duration of the GMP certificate program, in which the students are imaginarily responsible for key positions in the company’s divisions from finance to sales. Setbacks and wrong decisions by the entrepreneurs-in-spe can also occur in this realistic simulation. But EBS Executive School sees this as part of the learning process and supports its students individually through accompanying coaching sessions.

In 2020, the face-to-face program, which is also highly appreciated by working students, was converted ad hoc to “hybrid” or completely online. Walter T. Ernst summarizes his experience as follows: “By switching to remote operation, we were able to continue our studies despite pandemic restrictions. My thanks go to the program organizers, who worked tirelessly to provide students with the best possible support - whether it was assistance with travel issues or preparation for the new “online exam” experience. I continue to be particularly excited about how well this modular master’s program can be combined - especially now remotely - with professional activities.”

EBS Executive School is prepared for cohort 2 starting in February 2021: here, too, there will be a flexible adaptation to the currently challenging pandemic conditions.

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