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Welcome on board – EBS Onboarding Project 2019

24 May 2019 | By: Pressestelle EBS Universität
Students and tutors during the EBS Onboarding Project

Pace points, pitch, credit points and curriculum: Welcome to the academic word-jungle! Every year, several hundred thousand students flock to German universities. They face the uncertainty of their studies and questions regarding student life: What exactly is my study programme about? How can I imagine the next three years?

Three years in three weeks: a brief preview of the complete business administration degree programme

To actively address the questions of the new students, the EBS Universität has launched a unique programme - the EBS Onboarding Project. During the first three weeks, the students are given a comprehensive insight into their studies and a general idea about what they can expect. With this, they are able to dive deep into academic life from day one and get to know the complete spectrum of their study programme. Not only business administration contents are being taught but also study skills and teamwork exercises are actively being practiced by the students during the course of their exciting case study. Following the successful launch of the 2018 project on the megatrend Autonomous Driving, this year everything revolves around the topic of the Future City. Inner cities are gradually disappearing, thanks to online shopping, and the lack of housing makes new solutions necessary. How is demographic change impacting urban development? How is mobility going to change? And what technological innovations in the field of co-working will we see in the future?

The students will be asking themselves these and other questions during a case study on a future-oriented topic including business plan and marketing pitch. The highlight at the end of the three weeks will be the presentation of the results. Ten professors, ten tutors and ten company executives will support the students on their journey and give them continuous feedback on their performance. In addition, there will be business administration introductory courses and study skills workshops. Finally, students have the unique opportunity to gain first hand input from practitioners during company excursions as well as keynote speeches. The aim is to teach students basic skills such as presentation and project management skills, confront them with uncertainty in a complex case study, provide them with entrepreneurial impulses and convey a basic understanding of the disciplines of business administration.

For the students, team-building events and intensive group work contribute to a rare and incredible team spirit, which is well known among students, teachers, staff and alumni as the EBSpirit. The EBSpirit combines values such as togetherness, a sense of responsibility, commitment and helpfulness. In addition, during the EBS Onboarding Project, the EBS student clubs give students an insight into student life at EBS Universität.

More information about EBS Onboarding Project can be read here.

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