Headergrafik - Über uns

Mission and Vision

Competence, Excellence, Network - since 1971.

Our strategic positioning

EBS is a private university characterised by entrepreneurial spirit and conduct. It stands for the irrevocable unity of research and teaching, and thereby addresses in particular the uncertainty of the economic and social environment provoked by globalisation, technological change and disruption.

The students at EBS Universität receive an education based on the ability to come to terms with this uncertainty, with practice-empowered, scientifically sound and internationally oriented preparation, enabling them to take on management functions and social responsibility based on the Code of Conduct. The study program imparts the outlasting skills for ongoing critical revision and further development of expertise, on the one hand to recognise structures and, on the other, willingness for life-long learning. EBS’ understanding of excellence attracts students and professors who are both talented and enthusiastic, performance-oriented and creative. With the methodical combination of business administration and legal elements, EBS Universität fosters the students’ ability to think and understand interdisciplinary issues, thus providing a particular added value.

In addition to training networking capability, EBS Universität can draw on an exceptional network of corporate partners, alumni, sponsors and friends who can offer students excellent career opportunities after graduation.

One of the outstanding added values of the entrepreneurial EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht is the specific advancement of network skills and the opportunities to use the EBS network. This forms a fundamental attitude to excellence achieved by teaching practice-oriented skills.

Our mission

We educate talented students and professionals in order to develop their personalities and competencies, thus enabling them to become highly skilled, critically thinking, and globally minded experts, managers, and entrepreneurs who take the lead in times of uncertainty and change. We provide them with an international educational experience in Germany, created jointly by our faculty and our professional staff, who are dedicated to excellence in academic research, participant-centered learning, and business practice, backed by our network of alumni and corporate partners.

Our vision

To become the best German-based and one of the best-known international universities by offering educational excellence and by developing graduates who will be competent and responsible decision-makers, contributing to and benefiting from a unique network of alumni and partners.

Our values


  • Each EBS member (whether student, graduate, employee or professor) assumes responsibility for herself/himself, for others and for her/his topics and tasks. This applies to her/his study and to any subsequent career.
  • Each EBS member commits herself/himself to implement assigned tasks and projects to the best of her/his knowledge. Each EBS member is obliged to estimate the consequences of a decision and to take responsibility for it.
  • Responsibility is the guiding principle of all actions for students, graduates, employees and professors. Each EBS member advocates and sets an example of responsible conduct and demands that from others.


  • Mutual trust is the basis for success at EBS Universität.
  • Each EBS member has confidence in his own strengths and competencies, as well as that of his fellow students and colleagues.
  • Each EBS member fulfils her/his tasks and projects with the necessary commitment and sense of responsibility.


  • EBS members respect other people, their opinions, views, ways of thinking and efforts. They treat each person with respect and appreciation.
  • EBS members respect other scientific opinions and value scientific exchange.
  • EBS thrives on diversity: EBS members respect background, culture and faith of our students, employees and professors. Internationalisation and cultural exchange are major pillars of our university.


  • EBS members advocate their topics and projects with outstanding commitment and courage. They put them into practice of their own volition.
  • EBS members face challenges courageously and develop innovative and creative solutions in the context of a constantly changing environment accompanied by increasing uncertainty.
  • By means of guiding ideas, EBS members promote their projects with dedication and enthusiasm.


  • EBS members are aware of and comply with the current legislation and the internal rules of EBS Universität.
  • EBS members are honest with others and themselves; respect and safeguard the defined values of EBS; and set a positive example.
  • Integrity is the basic success factor for every entrepreneurial and academic activity. The defined values of EBS constitute the ethical foundation of each action and cooperation among students, graduates, employees and professors of EBS Universität.


The election of Donald Trump, Brexit or, more recently, the diesel scandal: these are just a few of the many unexpected and momentous events with which we are increasingly confronted. Mega trends such as digitization are happening at a rapid pace and present politicians, business leaders and lawyers with the challenge of dealing with uncertain developments. The EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht is taking this as an opportunity to increasingly address the phenomenon of uncertainty in research and teaching.