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Research topics emerge from doctoral theses within the area as well as from questions arising during projects with our corporate partners. Studies of business model innovation have been a core area for the past years. The theme has been examined in several dissertations as well as corporate projects. One closely connected topic is Industry 4.0, which – amongst others – has the potential for the creation of new business models. In recent years, the area has continuously developed its expertise for Industry 4.0 and repeatedly conducts studies in this respect. Another area of expertise is the topic of project management, in which the area also conducts studies on a regular basis. Furthermore, the combination of innovation management and controlling represents a topic of interest which has been explored for the past years.


  • Christoph Munck (completed): Bringing Innovation Management and Management Control Closer Together

  • Elena Freisinger (working title): The Bright and the Dark Side of Business Model Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of Drivers of BMI Success and Failure

  • Fabian Futterer (working title): Business Model Innovation as Silver Bullet in the Competitive Landscape – Conceptualization, Entrepreneurial Antecedents and Performance Effects.

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