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Our Research

At the core of all research and consulting activities is the family or the asset owner. These two addressees also form the primary research object of the CFFO Competence Center for Family Office, followed by single- and multi-family offices. Types of work include contract-related research projects, practice-oriented research, empirical studies and academc work. The results are partly public and incorporated into new research and consulting projects as well as in education and training.

The CFFO Competence Center for Family Office also serves as an information hub for interested families on questions of setting up, organizing and managing internal family offices or contracting external family offices. The CFFO Competence Center for Family Office is dedicated to linking families and family offices with each other and to professionalizing the industry. Since 2002, the CFFO Competence Center for Family Office organized the Family Office Network as an exclusive platform to exchange information and experiences of families and family offices.

**Applied research topics of the CFFO Competence Center for Family Office: ** - Issues of organizational and operational structure of family offices - Aspects of asset allocation and risk management - Specific training of employees in the family offices - Support for families in building their own or the use of external family offices - Preparing the next generation to take up the responsibility for the private wealth management - Specific design of products and services

Examples of research and consulting projects:

  • Study of very wealthy individuals and families on their demand behavior for family offices
  • Design and development of an individual asset allocation strategy in real estate
  • Advice and support for a family when laying the foundation for the use of a family office
  • Design and organization of workshops for family members on different family related topics
  • Design and implementation of a multi family office study in Germany
  • Participation as the exclusive German partner in a global single family office study
  • Development of a holistic risk and asset protection plan
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