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Max Mustermann

The research area “Entrepreneurship” is one out of four areas at the Strascheg Institute for Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurship (SITE). Headed by Professsor Diane Robers, the area focuses on two main streams:

The first copes with the classic entrepreneur, entrepreneurial behavior, opportunity recognition and the whole entrepreneurial journey starting from the outline of a typical business plan and lean start-up methods to financing and going to market approaches. It gives a deep insight in how to explore and identify market needs and to develop successful new products, services or whole new business models for market segments recognized.

The second aims to provide existing large and mid-sized Companies with entrepreneurial thinking and acting in a corporate world, also named “Corporate Entrepreneurship”.


  • Intrapreneurship / Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Decision-making in Corporate Venturing
  • Start-Up Development
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
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