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Brand Management Operation

The aim of the course Brand Management Operations is to offer students an applied perspective on brand management within a brand manufacturer. Besides theoretical fundamentals students are offered the opportunity to participate in the Henkel Innovation Challenge. Thereby students are able to apply their theoretically gained knowledge within an applied setting and exchange their ideas with fellow students and company representatives.

Market Communication

In 2014 the course Market Communication was restructured and supplements the course Brand Management Operations. It offers students the opportunity to understand the theoretical basics of communication (including digital communication) and provides an overview on different communication channels. The close collaboration with communication agencies facilitates the understanding of current issues within market communications and students are able to work on interesting case studies.

Retail Marketing

The course Retail Marketing is part of the Modul Trade and Retail Marketing. Students are able to learn about trading structures, legal requirements, market-driven strategies of trading and new developments within the field as well as manufacturer relationships. Students develop an in-depth understanding of trade relations from various perspectives. The course is supplemented by guest lectures held by companies such as ALDI or Tchibo.


Marketing Business Game

Within the course Marketing Business Game the students take part in the business challenge Brandstorm offered by L’Oréal. In close collaboration with the Department for Strategic Marketing students will work in groups. By taking the role of an international brand manager within a real-life scenario of marketing, students develop a product or product range in all four phases of the integrated procedural marketing approach, i.e. students will have to decide upon product, price, communication and distribution strategies. In the end of the course, all teams present the results of their work in front of L’Oréal representatives. The winning team will attend the National Finale in Dusseldorf and has also the chance to take part in the International Final in Paris.

Marketing Excursion (MAEx)

Over the course of the annual Marketing Excursion Seminar (MaEx) students will work on case studies of real-life examples. During a 3-day field trip students get to know different companies, are introduced to the case studies provided by the respective companies. Each company visit includes a marketing-specific topic relevant for the case studies. Furthermore, students are going to visit a production site of one of the participating companies to learn about the products the case studies deal with. After the field trip, the students complete a comprehensive seminar paper, which includes i.e. market surveys, SWOT analyses, marketing analyses, strategic options and possible implications for the specific marketing issues presented in the case studies. In the final session students will present their case study results in front of the professor and representatives of the respective company (i.e. Marketing Directors, Senior Brand Managers, and Corporate Vice Presidents), who will challenge students’ marketing suggestions and case-related knowledge in a Q&A session.

Sales Management

This course consists of different parts of sales management. Based on the integrated procedural marketing approach the course delivers the essentials of effective sales management as important part of a firm’s market and financial performance. Besides an introduction on sales management, students are able to develop an understanding of operative planning, including sales planning, forecasting and sales force deployment, as well as the implementation of sales management through i.e. customer relationship management, sales force and compensation plans. Moreover, insights on the monitoring of sales management are given through cost analyses, sales performance measures and sales force performance.

Customer Relationship Management and Dialog Marketing

The module ‘Sales and Interactive Marketing’ offers courses about sales marketing as well as interactive marketing. Within Interactive Marketing, students are able to take the course ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and ‘Dialog Marketing’, both focusing on theoretical backgrounds and practical applications of the respective fields of marketing.

In the ‘Customer Relationship Management’ (CRM) section, the students are intended to learn the principles of a customer-value-oriented market approach. The theoretical background, the common valuation procedures and options for the application of CRM in the context of market-oriented company management are discussed. As a result, students will have gained an understanding of the facets of customer value management and its practical applications.

The part ‘Dialog Marketing’ deals with interactive forms of marketing communication between companies and consumers, specifically so-called direct and dialog marketing activities. In times of decreasing marketing budgets in parallel to an information overload, it has become crucial for businesses to create a meaningful and interactive dialogue with existing and potential customers. Within an introductory session the students will be introduced to the theoretical backgrounds of interactive marketing communication as well as different methods and media of dialog marketing. Over the course of the lecture students will learn to elaborate the general conditions and requirements of the usage of dialog methods. An important part of the lecture will focus on the planning and realization of dialog marketing activities and the respective instruments and processes. The goal of the lecture is to deliver an understanding of importance of dialog communication within the area of marketing and market communications.

Guidelines for Thesis Proposals

In the following interested students can find additional information about the guidelines for writing Bachelor or Master Thesis proposals at the Chair of Strategic Marketing:

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