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The Chair of Social Business contributes to teaching activities at the Department of Management & Economics from undergraduate up to PhD-Level. We are teaching classes in Social Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Management of Nonprofit Organizations, as well as Personal Mastery, and Qualitative Research Methods. Courses Overview

PhD level courses

Qualitative Research Methods: This course aims at helping students to implement qualitative research methods within their doctoral research. We start by discussing and introducing three elements that are constitutive for resarch in general (research methods, theoretical perspective and phenomenon). We discuss theoretical orientations in interpretive research, sampling issues, and methods of data collection and data analysis. The course is supported by practical exercises and examples.

Graduate level courses

MOOC Social Innovation: This course offers a profound introduction on the principles, concepts and theories of Social Innovation and how they can help to solve societal problems. Students will get an overview of important literature and debates on social innovation. The course consists of an online course combined with interactive workshops and students are asked to write an essay about a social innovation and in teams prepare a video about a social problem in their environment.

Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship (SBSE): In this innovative course format, students first gain an overview over the concepts of social entrepreneurship and social business through an initial set of lectures; case studies and guest lectures of experts in the field allow students to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of managing businesses with a double bottom line. Established Social Entrepreneus then act as clients in a 3-week consulting project, where students are asked to develop solutions for pressing challenges they face. The social enterprises are selected in cooperation with the Social Impact Lab in Frankfurt. In past years the following social enterprises have received consultancy from students: Book Bridge, LAETO, Ashoka, Rock-your-life, Chancenwerk, Fair Observer, Hundebande, TeamU, Was habe ich?, Apopo, Deutschland rundet auf, More Than Shelters, Mensch! Westend, Streetfootballworld, Futurepreneur.

Qualitative Research Methods: The course is part of the Module Research Methods. It aims at helping Master students to successfully prepare research papers and their Master thesis. Students will get to know a ‘toolbox’ they can use for collecting and analysing qualitative data. Furthermore, students will learn how to avoid possible pitfalls within the process of academic writing.

Qualitative Interviewing and CSR: Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer offers courses in the context of the MBA-Programme on selective topics such as Qualitative Interviewing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Undergraduate level courses

Business & Society: The course is part of the Module ‘Managing Strategy’. Students will critically discuss the role of business in society in the first half of the course conducted by the Chair of SB, where we focus on four main topics: 1.) the role of business in society and corporate social responsibility, 2.) Globalization and Business-Government-Relations 3.) management of civil society organizations, 4.) business models with a social mission (e.g. social entrepreneurship, social business). The second half of the course is dedicated to managing environmental sustainability.

Personal Mastery (Bachelor, MBA and MSc) ** VIP Curriculum - “Very Inspiring Personalities”:** The course facilitates an intense exchange with a number of very successful and inspiring personalities. These encounters last half a day each and allow students ample time to learn about and reflect on the VIPs life stories and personal development, career paths, values, aspirations and challenges. The objective of the course is to provide students with the inspiration, knowledge and analytical capabilities central to personal growth, professional success and self-fulfilment.

Executive Education

Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship (SBSE): The certificate courses for executives offer insides into the management of and consultancy for foundations. Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer contributes with a course on Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship. read more about the certificate courses


Social Business Salon: This series of events provides Bachelor and Master students with the exclusive opportunity to meet well-known social entrepreneurs and experts in the field in an intimate and informal setting. Students are welcome to contact us to sign up for future invitations to these opportunities to discuss ‘big ideas in a small circle’.

Thesis Opportunities Bachelor and Master students interested to focus their thesis on a topic related to our teaching and research fields can find available topics in the respective current list of the Department of Management and Economics. Students are most welcome to contact us to discuss if further topics of your interest can be included in the upcoming round of theses.

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