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Chair of Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Law & Economics

Our Research

The focus of the chair’s research is in the field of inter- and intradisciplinary “Governance”-Resarch: How do people compose themselves with the help of (public) law into bigger organizations, how do they resolve collective action-problems (State Law, Corporate Law)?

This affects substantive issues in the areas of State- and Constitutional-Law (especially democracy theory, the laws of political parties), the laws of (the constitution of) religious bodies, community law, and public corporate law.

Because this issue is about behaviourally-steered aspects of the law, Empirical Law-Studies and Law- and Constitutional Comparison form methodical focal points.


Professor Emanuel Towfigh is the academic director of (and responsible for) the structured doctoral programme at EBS Law School. The aim of the programme is to form the ability to write high-quality papers, which are satisfying highest academic and scientific demands. This is made possible by individual coaching through the supervisors in addition with a deepend scientific introduction and training. In doctoral colloquiae the scientific discourse is maintained by discussing and proving the hypotheses of the doctoral candidates. Practical modules are serving the purpose of establishing a contact to the legal practitioners in law firms, judiciary and the administrative sector.

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