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Our Research

Our finance-related research focuses on non-financial companies and is based on two main pillars. First, we study how companies are dealing with risk in a valuation context, from a strategic investment perspective and in the context of risk management. Second, we focus particularly on the financing and financial management of privately held companies such as small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), family-owned enterprises as well as start-ups.

Current areas of interest

  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Linkage between Corporate Finance and Corporate Strategy
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Alternative Financing of SMEs and Family-Owned Enterprises/Real Options


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The Chair welcomes applications from prospective doctoral students interested in conducting research in the following areas:

  • Corporate Risk Management (i.e., Risk Management of Non-Financial Firms)
  • Corporate Finance (especially Financing of Privately Held Companies)
  • Financial Management of Higher Education Institutions (especially Risk Management in Higher Education)
  • Higher Education Management (especially Governance, Strategic Alliances, Quality Assurance)

We normally expect that doctoral students write their dissertations in English and follow the 3-paper format (monographic dissertations are nowadays only accepted under exceptional circumstances). It is further assumed that the doctoral student will make serious attempts to publish all or parts of the dissertation in peer-reviewed journals.

If interested in joining our research team as an internal doctoral assistant or as an external doctoral student, please send us your application package electronically containing the following information:

Curriculum Vitae

List of Publications (if any)

Grade Transcripts

Copies of Reference Letters (if applying for an internal doctoral assistantship)

References (names of three individuals with contact information)

Dissertation Prospectus (2-4 pages)

For further information on doctoral studies at EBS Business School, click here.

Ongoing Doctoral Research Projects

  • Piper, M.: Effects of CEO Personality on Financial Performance in German Firms

Publications Related to Doctoral Research at the Chair

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Completed Doctorates


Sarah Ali, Georg F. Altenkirch, Philipp N. Baecker, Rico Baumann, Georgi Bontschev, Malte Brockmann, Jens Burchardt, Louis Chakkalakal, Christian Dahlheim, Christian Dickopf, Christof Engelskirchen, Hady Farag, Lutz Firnkorn, Mathias Gerner, Gunnar Grass, Kerstin Gross, Philipp Grüber, Stephanie E. Hauser, Vera Kopp, Wilhelm K. Kross, Hanna Lehmann, Andreas Kemper, Thomas N. Knecht, Thierry Leutwiler, Philipp Manchot, Jutta Merschen, Karsten Nohtse, Markus Petersen, Jan-Carl Plagge, Nikolas Pojezny, Julia Reichert, Mischa Ritter, Tobias Rödiger, Björn Röper, Tobias Prokesch, Johannes E. Schmittat, Hilmar Schneider, Marcus Schulmerich, Karoline Jung-Senssfelder, Robert Vollrath, Katinka Wölfer, Wenwei Li.

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