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Lecture “Brand Management” (Master)

Powerful brands are crucial immaterial value creators in a company. The aim of the class is to impart understanding of a successful brand management to students in order to prepare them - in the best way possible - for the challenge of practice.

Based on current research results, preconditions for the creation of powerful brands are shown. Strategies and possibilities for the capitalization of brands by addressing new target groups, entering new markets or introducing new products are analyzed.

During that process, the brand is being looked at from both the customers’ and the company’s view. For brand management from the customers’ point of view, it’s necessary to react to customers’different needs and wishes. Apart from gaining new customers, building up and maintaining stable relationships with consumers is of crucial importance.

For Brand Management from the company’s point of view, a deep understanding of creating and strengthening brands is indispensable. The development of a brand identity and the following deduction of the brand positioning is crucial here. When developing a strategy, target groups and competitors have to be taken into account as well as the own company’s weaknesses and strengths. A differentiated, audible and integrated communication is significant for the following implementation. The motto is: Implementation is strategy. Only the part which reaches the client, contributes to the strengthening of the brand, which has a positive effect on the brand’s value.

Lecture “Strategies and Social Techniques of Communication Management”

Products and Services become increasingly interchangeable in today’s markets. Only strong brands are able to build up consumer preferences and provide orientation. The creation of strong brands is achieved through strategically planned communication measures that are integrated formally and content wise.

The aim of the lecture “Strategies and Social Techniques of Communication Management” is to make the students aware of the brand communication conditions as well as to train them in the creation of effective and situation adequate communication measures.

The number of the available media has grown to an unwieldy amount. Information overflow is prevalent in all areas of daily life. Brands need to react to these conditions and have to design their communication accordingly to be perceived in the myriads of offers.

Tough competition prevails in saturated markets. However, the goals that companies formulate, like for example, an increase in sales, often cannot be translated into direct actions. Companies have to deal with so called attribution problems. Measures that influence these goals need to be uncovered in practice to align brand and communication management accordingly and enable control mechanisms.

Decisions about the design of communication measures are too often based on gut feelings and the subjective liking of the company management. Through this course, we intend to replace this gut feeling with well-founded knowledge drawn from insights from behavioral science and neuroscience. The students will be trained to evaluate the effectiveness of communication measures from print to social media with the help of illustrative examples from practice.

Lecture “Applied Communication Management”

The goal of this course is to become familiar with the practical implementation, creation and control of communication strategies.

The previously established theoretic knowledge shall be applied in case studies taken from practice. The students will receive detailed insights into the development of a 360° communication campaign including above-the-line (print and TV) and below-the-line activities (online, events, etc.). The Point of Sale (POS) also plays an important role in the analysis.

Furthermore, the students will learn how to write a concise agency briefing for the implementation of communication strategies or product (re-)launches.

In addition, various communication measures will be analyzed by the students. It will help them in practice to evaluate whether campaign ideas or creative ideas presented by agencies are in line with the brand identity and the pursued goals.

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