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Strascheg Institute for Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurship (SITE)

Our Team

Head of Institute

Christoph Schneider
Christoph Schneider, M.A.

Research Director Innovation Management

Max Mustermann
Prof. Dr. Diane Robers

Professor of Management Practice

Research Director Entrepreneurship

Deputy Director SITE

Research Directors

Jürgen Harrer
Dr. Jürgen Harrer

Research Director Security & Innovation

Christoph Munck
Dr. Jan Christoph Munck

Research Director Innovation Management

Administrative Staff

Nicole Barth
Nicole Barth

Assistant Academic Management


Katrin Burmeister-Lamp
Prof. Dr. Katrin Burmeister-Lamp

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Christoph Fuchs
Prof. Dr Christoph Fuchs

Honorary Professor of Lifecycle Management and Innovation

External Lecturer

Tobias Gutmann
Prof. Dr Tobias Gutmann

Assistant Professor of Product Innovation

Max Mustermann
Prof. Dr. Sven Heidenreich

External Lecturer

Visiting Professor of Service Management and Innovation

Prof. Dr. Volker Nestle

Honorary Professor for Technology & Innovation Management

External Professor

Max Mustermann
Prof. Dr. Christof Schimank

External Lecturer

Honorary Professorship Corporate Management and Innovation

Mike Schulze
Prof. Dr. Mike Schulze

Senior Research Fellow

Andreas Wald
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wald

Adjunct Professor

Matthias Waldkirch
Prof. Dr. Matthias Waldkirch

Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Family-Owned Firms


Doctoral candidates

Kim Dillenberger
Kim Louisa Dillenberger, M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Madeleine Meurer
Mag. Madeleine Meurer

Research Assistant

Tom Orben
Tom Orben, M.SC.

Research Assistant

Pascal Vermehren
Pascal Vermehren, MSc

Research Assistant

Markus Gröber
Markus Gröber, M.Sc.

Research Assistant

Sabine Kaiser
Sabine Kaiser, MA

Research Assistant

Gerrit Kolweyh
Gerrit Kolweyh, MSc

Research Assistant

Britta Sarwari
Britta Sarwari, MSc

Research Assistant

Alexander Schlüter
Alexander Schlüter, MSc

Research Assistant