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Strascheg Institute for Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurship

About us

Vision and mission

It is our goal to become one of the leading, nationally and internationally recognised institutions with core competencies in Innovation Management, Transformation Management, Entrepreneurship, and Security Management. Furthermore, we want to strengthen our expertise in the areas of controlling, performance management, and project management.

We want to enable businesses to increase their competitiveness by supporting them to strengthen their innovation capacity, to achieve sustainable growth, and to continuously train professionals and executives.

A team of twelve professors and three directors at the SITE are responsible for the education of undergraduate and graduate students; the training of professionals; and various research endeavours.

Focus areas

Focus areas

In line with our slogan “creating and managing success through innovation”, SITE focuses on

  • Creating Innovation
  • Implementing Innovation
  • Steering Innovation
  • Securing Innovation

We offer research, education and execuritve education in the areas of

  • Innovation Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Controlling & Performance Measurement
  • Security Management

Our House of Ventures (HoV) is the place to go for entrepreneurial spirited students.

SITE Newsroom

On our interactive online platform SITE-Newsroom we report in detail on current topics and events. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in new topics yourself. We look forward to your input!


Head of Institute

Christoph Schneider
Research Director Innovation Management

Diane Robers

Professor of Management Practice

Research Director Entrepreneurship

Deputy Director SITE


Nicole Barth

Academic Manager

Office Coordinator


Katrin Burmeister-Lamp

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Group Speaker Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Prof. Dr. Christoph Fuchs

Honorary Professor of Lifecycle Management and Innovation

External Lecturer

Tobias Gutmann
Assistant Professor of Product Innovation

Max Mustermann

Visiting Professor of Service Management and Innovation

External Lecturer

Max Mustermann

Honorary Professor of Technology & Innovation Management

External Lecturer

Max Mustermann

Honorary Professor of Corporate Management and Innovation

External Lecturer

Andreas Wald

Adjunct Professor

External Lecturer

Matthias Waldkirch
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Family-Owned Firms

Research Directors

Jürgen Harrer
Research Director Security & Innovation

Christoph Munck
Research Director Innovation Management


Doctoral candidates

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65375 Oestrich-Winkel