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Institute for Supply Chain Management

The Institute for Supply Chain Management - Procurement and Logistics (ISCM) is a well-known institute for Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the EBS Business School. The institute offers Bachelor degrees for undergraduate students as well as postgraduate degrees and management certificates for graduates and executives. Together with reknowned partners from the academic and business world, we successfully drive up-to-date and innovative topics in Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management research projects and studies.

The importance of Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management has increased enormously. Due to recent business developments, the strategic significance of Purchasing and Logistics has been recognized. Their functions are treated accordingly - not just when cost reductions and quality improvements are concerned. The latest research proves that competitive advantages emerge from the procurement of innovative products and services – Purchasing does indeed act as an innovation driver. Logistics is often referred to as a “strategic weapon” to be used against the competition.

At the same time, increasing customer expectations require an integrated approach in which all activities along the value added chain are planned, implemented and controlled throughout the entire product life cycle. Supply Chain Management takes over this function in the company and tracks the long-term performance improvement of every single company of the Supply Chain as well as the Supply Chain as a whole.

The ISCM has made it a priority to find solutions and answers to these problems. We work in the fields of Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and profit from diverse international cooperations. We combine the strengths of the EBS Business School, such as top management orientation, internationality and applied research with our own strengths, namely research, teaching, top management training and collaborating with a network of experts. However, our students are equally important because they recognize the vast extent of opportunities which our activities offer for further research and professional careers.


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing & Supply Management
  • Logistics
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
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