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_Numerous trends are leading to a dramatic structural change within society. The Real Estate Industry is also affected by these changes. How will we live, work and reside in the future? How will these rooms look like? Which property processes and services are needed in order to create and maintain future spaces?

The challenge is not only to transfer consequences for divers living areas as habitation, working and entertainment, but also to participate within transformation processes to maintain proper action ability. Many successful companies already developed suitable tools and methods, which are designed in order to anticipate future changes and to adapt their products, services and business models accordingly. In this regard economic research, especially innovation management contributed it‘s insights._

The study „innovation-barometer in Real Estate 2016“, which was initiated and realized by us, shows that the increasing transformation pressure pushes German Real Estate companies to act. Main influence factors are new technologies, changing client needs, increasing regulations through the legal environment and hindered competition by incremental identical products. The innovation barometer is planned to be realized annually, to prove the necessity of adaption within the real estate subsectors and to show the importance of innovation. Furthermore the study on digitization, which is also realized by us analyses endogen and exogenous factors concerning the innovative environment within the real estate industry.

- BSc-Module: Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Real Estate
- MSc-Module: Real Estate Development
- Executive Education: Real Estate Project Development