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Jan Paul Schütte

Jan Paul Schütte was the best in his class in 2017 and passed the First Legal Examination in Hesse with 14.72 points. Schütte completed his bachelor thesis “Die Investment-KG nach §§ 124 ff. KAGB - regulatory objectives and structure as well as management and representation with particular regard to the appointment of an external capital management company (§ 129 KAGB)”, very successfully, achieving a 16.0 grade. The 26-year-old spent his trimester abroad, an integral part of the study programme at EBS Universität, at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Jan Paul Schütte

How do you prepare for such a sensational exam result? Do you have any success tips for law students?

I can give new students the tip to stay on the ball even in the first semesters, which are typically a bit more relaxed. I recommend that you do not concentrate only on the subjects directly relevant to the exam in the respective stage of studies. Conversely, when preparing later for the final exam, you should not go crazy but keep as cool as you can.

How did EBS Universität prepare you for the exam?

Exam preparation at EBS Law School was excellent. The lecturers were able to convey theory and current case law very well. The “mock” exams offered by the university, six exams in a few days under exam conditions, were also a great preparation.

What did you like most about studying at EBS Universität?

Especially in the exhausting run-up to exams I learned to appreciate the good bond between the students. Personally, I also enjoyed the semester abroad very much.

What was the first thing you did after your state exams?

Immediately after the written exams I went with a few fellow students to hike in the Alps. After my well-deserved vacation, I started writing a doctoral thesis at EBS Universität and, at the same time, working as a research assistant at a Düsseldorf law company.

What does the future hold for you?

After completing my doctorate, my next step will be legal clerkship. I don’t know yet what will happen after that.

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