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Looking for commitment and talent: Our partners will support you

Equal opportunities should not be a question of financial means because high potentials are not only to be found in high-income households. Companies are often looking for just this kind of exceptional talent and, therefore, provide them with scholarships and other forms of financial assistance at university level. In this respect, the EBS Universität concept is very convincing: a number of foundations and companies are particularly interested in championing EBS students.

The range of scholarships from external sources:

  • Latham & Watkins International Scholarship
  • Votum Foundation

Latham Watkins International Scholarhip

With 30 offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA, Latham & Watkins is one of the world’s leading commercial law firms. Our German offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich advise German and international clients on all aspects of commercial law. Our worldwide network of over 2,600 lawyers enables us to offer cross-disciplinary and cross-border legal advice. Our clients include well-known companies, private equity funds, banks and investment companies.

For which programme is support available?

The EBS Universität law study programme.

Which support is available?

Financial support for the mandatory trimester abroad at the EBS Law School.

Applying for the scholarship

A full application for the “Latham & Watkins International Scholarship” requires the following documents:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Letter of motivation
  • Tax assessment documents and salary statements
  • Proof of excellent academic achievement

Votum Foundation

The foundation’s main focus is on supporting children’s, youth and old people’s welfare as well as supporting people - primarily children, adolescents and young adults - who are in need according to the tax code.

Who receives support?

EBS students, primarily ophans or half-orphans, as well as children of divorced parents and social orphans, whose usual place of residence is Germany.

For which programme is support available?

In the bachelor, law, master and MBA programmes of the EBS Universität

Which support is available?

Partial or full coverage of study fees in the form of scholarships and/or loans, as well as additional financial support for living expenses up until the completed 27th year of life.

Application for support

A full application for support by the “Votum Foundation” requires the following documents:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Letter of motivation
  • Tax assessment documents and salary statements
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates and letters of reference
  • where applicable Orphan pension notification
  • Study finance plan
  • where applicable Information about further scholarship applications

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It is worth applying in good time

Please remember that you must not only apply for a scholarship but also, at the same time, for the chosen study place. Scholarships are limited, financing models in the form of education or similar funds have deadlines or require preparation or processing time. It is therefore highly recommended to apply in good time - this ensures clarity for the future and increases chances, also from a financial point of view.

You will find information regarding the programmes and the admissions procedure here:

Please send your complete scholarship application documents to:

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht
Students Office
Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 3
65189 Wiesbaden

You can also send an e-mail to: scholarship@ebs.edu

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